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Eatbook Quiz: Which KFC Menu Item Are You?
Signature Grilled Chicken

kfc signature grilled chicken

You are a bit of a quirky one, and you’re not afraid to break conventions, usually to successful results. Just like the Signature Grilled Chicken, people enjoy having you around, especially during gatherings, and your presence is felt even when you’re gone. If we could describe you in three words, it would be: generous, offbeat and always ready for a good time.
Original Recipe Chicken

Just like the classic Original Recipe Chicken, many think of you as the reliable one. Own it, your nurturing personality is laced with a touch of an old soul that makes people feel calm and steady when you’re near. It’s not all giving and no take, though, because what makes you the happiest is being able to be there for others.

Hello, firecracker. You’re a real Zinger of a person, fiery, hard to pin down, and always raring to go out and get to it. Not everyone can handle you, but you don’t need handling. You’re your own person, you know what’s up, and everyone else just needs to get with the programme.
KFC BBQ Pockett

You’re quite the creative one, a master of reinvention and recreation. Thinking of new ideas or new ways to do something is right up your alley. In fact, you pride yourself on being quick on your feet. Like the BBQ Pockett, you’ve gone through many phases in your life where you’ve changed, but it’s always for the better.
Cheese Fries

Always more comfortable when you’re surrounded by the ones you love, you’re ever the people person. Like KFC’s Cheese Fries, you function best when you’re near others, and group synergy gets you going because you love bouncing off a good mix of personalities.

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