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This Huge Kopitiam Food Hall @ Jem Has An Oyster Bar, Claypot Prawn Mee And Many More

JEM has a new Kopitiam with 26 stalls

Westsiders have another feather in their “west side, best side” cap since JEM is now home to a mega Kopitiam Food Hall with 26 different, curated stalls, including never-seen-before concepts in the food court scene. 

While the food court opened late last year, there are some stalls that took a little longer to kickstart operations. If you’ve yet to check it out for yourself, here’s what you can expect. 

The overall Kopitiam Food Hall is spacious, with ample seating for small groups of diners or larger families. There’s also direct access to the mall’s playground on-site for parents to be able to dine in peace while their young ones blow off steam. Seats and chill-out areas are also located near the playground so parents can keep an eye out for their kids.

On the food front, there’s a wide spread of stalls and kiosks, ranging from local to global cuisines, and Muslim-friendly options. 

Hennessy Duck is one to try if you’re a big fan of Cantonese-style siu mei, AKA roast meats. 

Their Dang Gui Duck Rice with Braised Egg and Tau Kwa ($7.80) comes highly recommended by the stall owners, starring duck that is braised and perfumed with Angelica root.

The Caramel Char Siew Wanton Noodle ($6.80) is another must-try, featuring sweet morsels of Hong Kong-style fatty char siew, grilled till they’re charred and smoky. The noodles are springy and QQ, seasoned in a light, soy-based sauce. 

It’s rare to find an oyster bar in a food court, but you get just that at this JEM Kopitiam outpost.

Don’ Oyster Bar stands out from the crowd by offering diners fresh and grilled oysters. Fresh oysters are available from $16.60 for six pieces.

If you’re team grilled oysters, pick from four different types of toppings. These are: mentaiko, cheese, sambal, and truffle mayo. We highly recommend the sambal, which gives the briny oyster a piquant, spicy overtone. Each grilled oyster is priced at $4.90.

Don’ Oyster Bar doesn’t just sell shellfish—they also do donburi bowls made with fresh seafood. Mentaiko lovers, zoom in on their Mentaiko Salmon Don ($10.90). An order comes with pearl grain rice and pieces of salmon topped with an umami, slightly spicy mentaiko mayonnaise torched for extra smokiness.

Michelin-approved Fujian restaurant chain PUTIEN has also opened a food court offshoot in the form of Mama PUTIEN. Diners can look forward to restaurant-tier classics at more wallet-friendly prices here, as well as some exclusive dishes.

The Fujian Seafood Lor Mee ($7.90) may be familiar to frequent fans of the restaurant. This isn’t your usual serving of lor mee with brown, herby gravy—the gravy here is white and enriched with a sweet seafood stock.

Another PUTIEN fave you can get here is Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon ($7.90). Each plate comes with wok-fried bee hoon, rounds of fresh shrimp, clams, seaweed sourced from the Putian coast, and peanuts fried for an added crunch.

Prawn mee fans, swing by House of Shrimp King for an elevated take on a humble bowl of hae mee.

Their Signature Seafood AngKa Prawn Noodles may pack quite the pricey punch at $21 per bowl, but you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Each serving comes with whole ang kar prawns, known for their size and sweetness, as well as a prawn stock that’s slow-cooked and laced with prawn oil.

For something unique, try the Sheng Mian with Fresh Prawn and Minced Pork ($8.90).

The food hall also has a fair few familiar names in their roster, including the likes of Ah Ma Chi Mian, What The Fish, A-One Claypot, and Blanco Court Beef Noodle.

The latter is a famed local brand that was first established in 1979, selling Hainanese-style beef noodles. Today, they’ve expanded to multiple stalls and standalone restaurants islandwide. 

Their signature dish, the Superior Beef Noodles ($11.90) is definitely the dish to have here. 

Choose to have your noodles dry or with soup, and enjoy a wide variety of beef cuts with each bowl, from tendon to beef slices, and beef balls.

If you prefer your beef noodles with a bit of heat, then get their Mala option instead. Priced at $8.90, this replaces the beefy, herbal broth with a numbing, mala seasoning.

What’s more, you can choose to pay via the FairPrice app here. Payments made via the FairPrice app entitle you to 10% off all regular-priced dishes, and Linkpoints earned with every order! You can download the FairPrice App here.

Find out more about the Kopitiam Food Hall @ Jem!

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #05-01, JEM Shopping Mall, Singapore 608549
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Kopitiam Food Hall has some halal-certified eateries.

Photos taken by Tan Zi Hui.
This post was brought to you by Kopitiam Food Hall.


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