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Rich And Good Cake Shop: Popular Durian And Kaya Swiss Rolls At Bugis

Rich And Good Cake Shop has famous Swiss rolls

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As a fan of Swiss rolls, I’m always on the hunt for interesting shops that do the dish justice. Recently, I came across Rich And Good Cake Shop, a popular bakery known for having popular and unique Swiss rolls. 

Rich And Good Cake Shop has two outlets: one in Bugis, and the other at Jewel Changi Airport. Both of them draw plenty of patrons daily for Swiss roll flavours such as durian and kaya!

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Rich And Good Cake Shop bakes all of their Swiss rolls in small batches. They use premium ingredients to ensure maximum freshness and that their rolls are of the best quality. Their signature item, the Kaya Swiss Roll ($12), is what brings the crowd at both their outlets. It’s well-loved for its light and soft sponge, that’s paired with a coconutty, pandan-infused kaya.

Image credit: @b_for_bubble.o0

The Durian Swiss Roll ($12) is another equally delicious pick. Durian-infused cream is encased within soft sponge cake, giving an equal balance of sweet, savoury, and creamy notes. 

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The seasonal Mango Swiss Roll ($12) is another beloved item. Pillowy soft with bits of fresh mango flesh, this fruity treat is one that’s sure to please any mango lover.

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You can also go for the Strawberry Swiss Roll ($12) for something tart and refreshing, or their newest addition, the Pandan Cheese Swiss Roll ($12) for something richer and more savoury. 

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Otherwise, other delicious flavours include the Coffee Swiss Roll ($12), Chocolate Swiss Roll ($12), and Red Velvet Swiss Roll ($12), which stars a thick layer of cream cheese paired with a luxurious red velvet sponge cake. If you’re interested, Rich And Good also offers delivery services from Monday to Saturday at a standard delivery fee of $12 to $17 per invoice. For more information, do head over to their website!

Happy Oven is another great bakery to check out, with $1 pandan kaya cakes, ondeh-ondeh Swiss rolls and more. You might also want to check out Woodlands Sourdough, a Muslim-owned bakery with grilled cheese toasties and an array of sourdough-infused pastries.

Website | Full list of outlets
Rich And Good Cake Shop is not a halal-certified eatery.

Feature image adapted from @b_for_bubble.o0 and @richngood

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