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Wan Wan Thai Cafe Review: New Dessert Cafe In Town For Supper With Milk Tea Bingsu And More

Wan Wan Thai Cafe at Bencoolen

Nestled inconspicuously a level above Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen is Wan Wan Thai Cafe at Bencoolen. I’ve always loved discovering cosy hidden cafes. Thus this little, hidden, signboardless dessert spot definitely piqued my interest. Moreover, upon learning that they are open till 3am, I just had to give this new potential supper dessert spot a try.

Food at Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Wan Wan Thai Cafe is home to a wide variety of bingsu flavours, including renditions with a Thai twist. Intrigued by the Thai flavours, which are less common than the Korean ones I am used to, I decided to order the Thai Milk Tea Bingsu ($10.90++).

Our dessert arrived with a scoop of sweet and creamy Thai milk tea ice cream plopped atop a large mound of shaved ice.

Digging into the bingsu, I was thrilled to find even the shaved ice itself was Thai milk tea-flavoured. Light and feathery in texture, the Thai milk tea bingsu was refreshingly aromatic with a slightly sharp aftertaste of tea, which complemented the buttery cookie crumbs that were liberally sprinkled on top of the shaved ice.

As my dining companion was a fan of Oreo, I decided to also get us the Oreo Bingsu ($12.90++). We were served yet another impressive heap of bingsu, generously topped with cookie crumbs, whole cookies, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

A scoop of milky vanilla ice cream topped with silky chocolate sauce, shaved ice, and fine cookie crumbs gave a satisfying sugar rush.

I would have preferred slightly chunkier biscuit crumbs for a heftier crunch, but the whole cookie topping managed to make up for it.

We enjoyed our Oreo bingsu better with an extra dose of condensed milk. This added a layer of sweet milkiness to the slightly blander body of ice.

As one who never fails to order Shibuya toasts during my frequent visits to Siamese Cat, I had to also give Wan Wan Thai Cafe’s chunky Kaya Toast ($8.90++) a taste.

Our thick toast came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, much like the one served with our Oreo bingsu. I chomped down the crispy toast to find fluffy, soft bread buttered with silky kaya jam which gave a familiar coconut flavour, complete with hints of fragrant pandan. Imagine Ya Kun’s kaya toast, except Wan Wan Thai Cafe’s version was much thicker and more satisfying.

We found that the addition of syrupy honey, given on the side, made the already-sugary dessert cloying. Unless you have a real sweet tooth, I’d personally suggest to skip it.

Wan Wan Thai Cafe is not short of variety when it comes to desserts, and we followed up our toast with their Waffle With Ice Cream ($8.50++). I picked the Salted Caramel ice cream, which is one of my go-to flavours, to pair with the waffles.

The salted caramel ice cream was the highlight of this treat. An extra layer of toasty, nutty butteriness elevated the honeyed ice cream. Having tried salted caramel ice cream from many other dessert shops, Wan Wan Thai Cafe’s version is arguably my favourite.

We were served two large waffles. Biting through them, I found a dense interior which was more doughy than usual fluffy waffles. This made for a hearty and filling dessert.

Ambience at Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Located conveniently near town, Wan Wan Thai cafe is easily accessible through a short 5-minute walk from Rochor MRT Station. Its interior is also pristine and well-lit with natural lighting, making for a nice spot to snap some IG-worthy shots with your friends. We sat by the window, where the faint thrum of the bustling roads outside provided a really comfortable atmosphere for an idle chat over desserts.

The verdict

Wan Wan Thai Cafe gave us some really enjoyable desserts which satisfied my sweet tooth without being too cloying. Additionally, being located near town and open till 3am, the cosy cafe is a nice late-night dessert spot that I can see myself coming back to in future.

For our sweet-toothed readers, also check out Baristart Coffee’s limited-edition coffee soft serves. Otherwise, also check out our list of waffle places to get waffles and ice cream below $20.

Address: 127A Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189637
Opening hours: Daily 12.30pm to 3am
Tel: 6336 8812
Wan Wan Thai Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Hay Thi.
This is an independent review by

Wan Wan Thai Cafe Review: New Dessert Cafe In Town For Supper With Milk Tea Bingsu And More
  • 7.5/10
    Wan Wan Thai Cafe Review: New Dessert Cafe In Town For Supper With Milk Tea Bingsu And More - 7.5/10



– Open till 3am
– Extensive menu
– Flavoured shaved ice


– Slightly pricey
– Dense waffles

Recommended dishes: Thai Milk Tea Bingsu ($10.90++), Kaya Toast ($8.90++)

Opening hours: Daily 12.30pm to 3am

Address: 127A Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189637

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