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Whiskdom Review: Loaded Bagelwiches, Lava Cookies And More By IG-Famous Bakery In Bugis

Whiskdom Cafe at North Bridge Road

The pandemic has disrupted many livelihoods, but for some folks, it might be just the push they needed to begin something new. Whiskdom is one such success story. What started out as a home-based bakery for founder Fiona, who was previously in the finance sector, soon launched officially as a standalone store back in June 2020.

Within the short span of two years, the homegrown bakery has amassed a steady following for their IG-famous lava brownies and cookies. Recently, they’ve even announced the launch of two new dine-in cafes: North Bridge Road and Orchard Central. We were one of the first to get a sneak peek at the first location, which is also their flagship store—read on for the lowdown!

Food at Whiskdom

For the uninitiated, Whiskdom is most known for their lava-centred desserts, which explains why this upcoming launch is an exciting one. For one, they’re rolling out all-new bagel sandwiches—their first foray into savoury bakes. It’s also the first time there’s a dine-in space, albeit a cosy one with three small tables.

We dived straight into their lean menu of savouries, which consists of just four bagelwiches. The cheapest is the H.E.C ($10), comprising ham, egg, and cheese, while the priciest ‘wich stands at $15.90 for their K-Bae-Gel ($15.90)—our first bite of the day.

The aptly named K-Bae-Gel came with kimchi chicken, housemade gochujang aioli, and kimchi slaw, all tucked between a plain bagel. Pre-cut and wrapped in baking paper for easy transporting, the Korean-inspired bagelwich was proper thicc and loaded.

A word of warning, though: we fumbled a little while consuming this as the components started to fall out of the paper. Maybe it needed to be wrapped a little tighter, but that’s just a small gripe on my end.

Nonetheless, the different ingredients worked well together; you get that sweet-spicy flavour from the Korean chilli paste, the slight funk from the kimchi, and the savoury shiokness from the chicken thigh. The slaw added a pleasant crunch to each bite, balancing out some of the greasiness from the grilled meat.

As for the plain bagel, it formed the perfect base for the explosion of flavours. The dough was slightly chewier than I’d have liked, but my photographer was perfectly happy with it.

All the bagels are freshly baked every morning, with three types available: Plain, Sesame, and Garlic. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose your bagel flavour as it depends on what’s available at your time of order.

Next up: the Eggsplode ($12.90). This was a hefty number featuring soft-boiled eggs with mayo and cheese, dusted with furikake, and sandwiched between a sesame bagel.

Of the two bagelwiches we tried, this was my preferred option. The eggs were delightfully creamy and well-seasoned, while the furikake added a welcomed savouriness to each bite.

Additionally, there was a generous heaping of toasted sesame seeds on the bagel, infusing a lovely nuttiness to each mouthful. Oddly, the sesame bagel itself was slightly softer than the plain one, and with a little less chew, so it was much easier to wolf down.

Whiskdom fans will also be excited about the cafe’s new lineup of beverages. On top of your regular White ($5.50) and Black ($4.50), expect delicious creations including a Dalgona Coffee ($7.50).

This creamy latte came with housemade toffee bits that had a slightly salty edge—a brilliant move to cut through the sweetness and richness.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, the Oolong Cloud ($5.90) might be up your alley. I need my caffeine strong and punchy, so this was a little too light for me. Nonetheless, the layer of milk foam on top was smooth and not too jelak, blending in well with the easy-drinking oolong tea.

Of course, our experience wouldn’t be complete without a taste of Whiskdom’s signature lava-filled brownies and Levain-inspired cookies. Everything is baked fresh daily here, and you can request for your order to be warmed up if you’re dining in.

You won’t go wrong with the S’mores Cookie ($6.50), a best-selling bake that caters to all chocoholics. This was ooey gooey in all the right places, with pockets of melted dark chocolate tucked within for an extra indulgent treat.

We also enjoyed the Hojicha Brownie ($6.50), which was sliced to reveal a perfectly molten centre of chocolate lava with a hojicha tea-infused ganache. Just make sure you get your cam ready for the shot, as the filling oozes out almost immediately.

Our unanimous highlight for the day was none other than the Matcha Lava Cookie ($6.50)—not surprising, considering how much I raved about it when I first reviewed Whiskdom. This chunky number boasted a rich matcha flavour throughout, as it’s infused with quality matcha powder in both the cookie batter and the filling. White chocolate bits complemented the earthy tea notes; it was a match made in heaven.

Ambience at Whiskdom

Whiskdom sits in a prime spot, on the row of shophouses along North Bridge Road, which is a six-minute walk from Bugis MRT Station. It faces the main road, so the ongoing traffic is an added advantage to the brand’s visibility. Do note that there are only three small tables for dine-in, so it might be better to visit when it’s off-peak.

The verdict

I was impressed by the small yet well-executed lineup of bagels on Whiskdom’s new menu. The generous portion of each ‘wich, coupled with the fact that the bagels are all made-from-scratch, make them a must-visit if you’re in the Bugis hood. Those who need their dessert fix can also indulge in the cafe’s famous bakes, along with new drinks, so there’s definitely something for everyone here!

If you’re in the area, check out our Bugis food guide for fusion nasi lemak and more. Alternatively, read our Fluff Bakery review for halal-certified cupcakes, doughnuts and more along North Bridge Road.

Address: 757 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198725
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am to 6pm, Sun 11am to 8pm
Whiskdom is not a halal-certified eatery, but uses no pork or lard

Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Whiskdom.

Whiskdom Review: Loaded Bagelwiches, Lava Cookies And More At IG-Famous Bakery’s New Bugis Cafe
  • 8/10
    Whiskdom Review: Loaded Bagelwiches, Lava Cookies And More At IG-Famous Bakery’s New Bugis Cafe - 8/10



– Convenient location
– Premium quality bakes
– Big bagelwiches


– Limited seating
– Drinks and bakes aren’t exactly cheap

Recommended dishes: Matcha Lava Cookie ($6.50), Eggsplode ($12.90), Dalgona Coffee ($7.50)

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am to 6pm, Sun 11am to 8pm

Address: 757 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198725

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