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Blackball’s Duo Cups Just Owned The Bubble Tea Game In 2017

13th January 2017

Blackball Duo Cups prove bubble tea comes better in a pair

Blackball Duo Cups (4)

Bubble tea fans, your dream just came true. Taiwanese brand Blackball has changed the BBT game in 2017 by bringing Duo Cups ($4.90 for any combi) to Singapore.

Blackball Duo Cups (3)

While most of you are calling bae to tell them there’s no need to steal each other’s drinks anymore, I’m sipping on two different flavours at the same time to create my very own fusion. Looks like we don’t all strive for the same things in life.

But of course, the advantages are endless. Maybe you live for BBT but wanna cut down on the calories. Or perhaps your best pal is saliva conscious and you both enjoy the same flavour but can never share a cup. Solving dilemmas and strengthening friendships are these Duo Cups that allow for 66 possible combinations. Yes, I counted.

Blackball Duo Cups (4)

You get to choose from 12 drinks to create your winning pair, and I’ll list them all so you’re totes prepared when ordering at the cashier. Protip: 301 and 503 do NOT go well together.

301 Melon Lemon
304 Melon Tea with Grass Jelly
306 Winter Melon Tea
402 Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk
404 Fresh Milk with Pearls
503 “BOBA” Milk Tea (Black Tea/ Green Tea)
504 Grass Jelly Milk Tea (Black Tea/ Green Tea)
505 Milk Tea (Black Tea/ Green Tea)
506 “Guan Xi” Xian Cao Tea
507 “Xian Cao” Tea with Grass Jelly
508 Passion Fruit Green Tea
511 Lychee Green Tea

Duo Cups are available for a limited time, and despite multiple phone calls to various outlets, Blackball was unable to tell us when is the last day to get your hands on a Duo Cup. So BBT fans, we suggest you head down to the nearest Blackball outlet ASAP!  

List of Blackball outlets

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