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Butter Studio Has Parmesan Cheese Pineapple Balls & Truffle Cheese Butter CNY Cookies That Are Millennial-Approved

14th January 2020

Unique CNY cookies from Butter Studio

Butter Studio - Flatlay

Even though I only have one surviving grandparent left, my extended family still makes it a point to gather for Chinese New Year. This gives me a chance to spend quality time with my cousins whom I grew up with. We might have swapped out playing catching for sharing memes, but one thing still remains—we love stuffing our faces with pineapple tarts and bak kwa. So when we had our hands on the Butter Studio CNY 2020 Collection, I was obviously excited to try out their goodies.

Butter Studio - Wide angle

As my mom lovingly bakes her own cookies for festive occasions, I have a soft spot for home-made snacks. So it was pretty cool to find out that Butter Studio crafts their baked goods by hand. They’ve even stuck to recipes passed down three generations. For this CNY, Butter Studio is putting a playful spin on their snacks with the Truffle Parmesan Butter Cookies and Lychee Kueh Bangkit.

Butter Studio - Truffle Parmesan Butter Cookies

Regular ol’ butter cookies are made passé with Butter Studio’s latest creation—Truffle Parmesan Butter Cookies ($26.80). I was already sold at the mention of truffle, as my inner basic self is hooked on its earthy flavour.

Butter Studio - Truffle Parmesan

The familiar aroma greeted me as I took off the lid. Remember to handle the cookies with care as they are very crumbly. A bite of this buttery cookie engulfed my taste buds with a wave of rich and cheesy notes.

Butter Studio - Parmesan Pineapple Cheese Balls

The Parmesan Pineapple Cheese Balls ($28.80) is another classic snack with a modern twist. It’s easy to pop these adorable golden spheres in my mouth, but harder to stop at just one.

Butter Studio - Parmesan Pineapple Cheese

Made with freshly grated pineapples, the gummy filling was wrapped in a crumbly layer of pastry. The pineapple’s buttery and tart notes were complemented by the crunchy bits of Parmesan.

Butter Studio - Lychee Kueh Bangkit

One of my must-haves during Chinese New Year is tapioca cookies, so I was eager to try Butter Studio’s Lychee Kueh Bangkit ($26.80). This original creation of millennial pink biscuits would add a pop of colour to your spread of CNY snacks.

Lychee Kueh Bangkit

After melting in my mouth, the cookie left a subtle lychee taste on my palate. Unlike other artificially flavoured biscuits, the snack didn’t taste like perfume. These individually hand-moulded treats are definitely slaying the best-seller title.

Black Sesame Kueh Bangkit

Their 2020 collection is given a refreshing update with new cookies such as Black Sesame Kueh Bangkit ($26.80). Typical tapioca biscuits are elevated with the addition of fragrant ground Japanese black sesame seeds.

Butter Studio - Black Sesame

Instead of dissolving in my mouth like cotton candy, these sesame cookies had a nice crisp on the outside. The nutty flavour was strong, reminding me of sesame filled tang yuan.

Golden Salted Egg Butter Cookies

Joining this year’s collection is the Golden Salted Egg Butter Cookies ($26.80). Decorated with a dollop of bright yellow salted egg yolk, these gem biscuits reminded me of Marks and Spencer’s redcurrant ones.

Salted egg yolk lovers are in for a treat as Butter Studio does not skimp on the savoury filling. This creamy centre has a rich mix of sweet and savoury notes, with a fine hint of curry leaves. Paired with the buttery cookie, the piquant snack is highly addictive.

Those looking to impress relatives and be a lil extra during visits can snag the Classic Butter Trio ($68). This set includes the earthy Truffle Parmesan, savoury Golden Salted Egg, as well as fruity Sakura Blossom

Another great pairing is their Sea Salt Almond Cookies ($28.80). The sprinkles of sea salt bring out the natural nuttiness of the biscuits.

Those sticking to their 2020 resolutions of eating healthy will be glad to know that Butter Studio uses no preservatives or artificial stabilisers in their baked goods. It’s time to stay woke with these unique CNY goodies and update your snacks stash. If you wanna try the goods before buying ‘em, head down to their pop-up at Takashimaya’s CNY Fair (Booth C3) from now till 23 January 2020. Butter Studio’s island-wide delivery comes in handy to surprise loved ones with some festive treats if you can’t find the time to head down personally.

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Address: 200 Victoria Street, #01-61, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 8pm
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Butter Studio is a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Ian Teoh.
This post is brought to you by Butter Studio.

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