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8 Mooncake Deals With Up To 40% Off For Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

15th August 2023

Mooncake deals for 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 falls on 29 September this year, but as we all know, you definitely want to plan your mooncake purchases ahead of time, especially if you’re ordering them as gifts. Mooncakes can cost a pretty penny too, and early-bird deals tend to run out quite quickly. With Citi Gourmet Pleasures, indulge in a wide selection of mooncake deals that lets you save up to 40% when purchasing these Mid-Autumn Festival treats with your Citi Credit Card. What’s more: most of these deals are available till 29 September, so you won’t have to rush your purchases just to nab a good deal.

1. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

crowne plaza mooncakes citi cards 2023Image credit: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is offering Citi Cardmembers 35%+5% off all their mooncakes with the promo code ‘CPCITI’ from now till 29 September. The hotel has quite the selection of mooncakes to pick from, including five baked mooncakes and four snowskin mooncakes, the latter made with flavours inspired by traditional desserts. These mooncakes also come in gorgeous, limited-edition trinket boxes decorated with filigree cutouts.

If you’re on Team Baked, try their all-new Gula Melaka Walnut Latte ($78 for four) for something different. This tastes just like a gula melaka latte, with the caramel notes of brown sugar going hand in hand with the roasted coffee aroma. On the snowskin front, get their Assorted Snowskin Mooncake Collection ($80), which gets you one of each flavour, from Teochew Orh Nee to Ondeh Ondeh. Islandwide delivery is available too.

Get 35% + 5% off Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

2. Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial Singapore mooncakes 2023Image credit: Conrad Centennial Singapore

Get 20% off Conrad Centennial Singapore’s mooncakes with the code ‘CITI20’ when you order before 29 September. The hotel is offering mooncakes crafted by their acclaimed in-house restaurant, Golden Peony. Their baked selection, which includes flavours such as Traditional White Lotus with Melon Seeds ($90 for four) and Traditional Baked with Jasmine Green Tea ($92 for four), are a nod to tradition. Their snowskin offerings, on the other hand, lean experimental, with unique options such as Hojicha Snowskin and Avocado with Vanilla Truffle Snowskin joining the line-up, alongside their famed Signature Royal Hazelnut Crunch Snowskin flavour. These are all priced at $94++ for eight.

All their mooncakes come in elegant round box sets made with leatherette and decorated with floral accents—quite the subtle stunner if you’re looking to gift them.

Get 20% off Conrad Centennial Singapore’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

3. Conrad Singapore Orchard

Conrad Singapore Orchard mooncakes 2023
Image credit: Conrad Singapore Orchard 

Conrad Singapore Orchard has a variety of mooncake options offered by its two in-house establishments, Summer Palace and Manhattan Bar. The restaurant is offering handmade mooncakes prepared with time-tested Cantonese techniques and recipes. These are available as baked or snowskin. The former stars flavours such as Parma Ham and Pork Floss with Assorted Nuts (from $59 for two), while the latter gets you mini mooncakes with mochi-like snowskin, and fillings ranging from Coconut Chocolate with Black Glutinous Rice ($55 for four) to Mao Shan Wang Durian ($54 for four). You can get up to 35% off these mooncakes if you order before 23 August or up to 20% off if you order before 29 September. 

Those looking for an atas Mid-Autumn Festival gift to treat clients or loved ones can turn to the Manhattan x Roku Gin Luxury Box ($398), which comes with eight pieces of their exclusive Gold Charcoal with Roku Gin Chocolate and Cherry Mini Snowskin Mooncakes. Get 10% off the Luxury Box when you order with a Citi Card before 23 August. 

Get up to 35% off Conrad Singapore Orchard’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

4. JW Marriott Singapore South Beach 

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach mooncakes 2023Image credit: JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott Singapore South Beach has a mooncake box design that’s one to remember. Each case is designed like the character, 月 (yuè) for “moon”, and decorated with Chinese design elements. These gift sets are available when you purchase their Traditional Baked Mooncakes Medley ($98), which comes with four baked flavours, including their Yam Paste Gula Melaka and Kaya, as well as Tie Guan Yin Lotus Paste with Black Sesame. 

Snowskin lovers, don’t sweat it. You can also get the box set with their Mini Snowskin Mooncakes Medley ($98), which comes with eight mooncakes across four different decadent flavours, all handcrafted by award-winning Cantonese restaurant, Madame Fan. Highlights include their Champagne Truffle with Lychee Lotus, and Pistachio Truffle with Black Sesame Lotus. Citi Cardmembers can enjoy 25% off these beautiful box sets with the code ‘CITIMC25’ when you order before 3 September. Otherwise, you can use the code ‘CITIMC20’ for 20% off your order, valid till 29 September.

Get 25% off JW Marriott Singapore South Beach’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

5. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel mooncakes 2023Image credit: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel 

 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is pulling out all the stops this Mid-Autumn Festival with a wide selection of baked and snowskin handcrafted mooncakes . Order with the promo code ‘CITI20’ between 24 August to 29 September and you can get 20% off their selected  range of mooncakes, with flavours to suit every fancy. New traditional baked mooncakes  include their Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncakes with Dry-Aged Parma Ham, Pistachio & Single Yolk ($98). Their bestselling Pure ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Premium Grade Durian ($98 for eight) is one for snowskin and durian enthusiasts, filled with velvety, bittersweet MSW pulp. All mooncakes also come in a red tower box embellished with peony motifs that is perfect for gifting too.

Get 20% off Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

6. Paradise Group 

paradise group mooncakes 2023Image credit: Paradise Group

Paradise Group’s mooncake lineup has something for every type of mooncake lover. If you’re a traditionalist, the made-to-order Teochew Yam Pastry with Double Yolk ($68 for four) is one to try, as it comes with a rich yam paste that’s prepared in-house, encased in an ultra-flaky pastry. For more modern mooncake aficionados, their assortment of Liqueur Snow Skin Mooncakes ($70 for eight, two pieces per flavour) is definitely one to try. There are four flavours in the assortment, all laced with a different type of booze. This includes Yuzu Sake with Chestnut Paste, White Peach Prosecco with Jasmine Paste, Grape Roku Gin with White Lotus Paste and Cherry Brandy with White Lotus Paste. 

Aside from the above, Paradise Group also has a line-up of classic baked flavours priced from $60. Whatever your preference, note that you can get 15% off if you order your mooncakes before 31 August, or 10% off before 29 September, if you pay with a Citi Card. 

Get 15% off Paradise Group’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

7. Peach Garden

peach garden singapore mooncakes 2023
Image credit: Peach Garden

Those buying baked mooncakes for clients or their loved ones should give Peach Garden’s handcrafted range a try. They’re well-known for their bestselling baked flavours, ranging from their Signature Premium Collagen Yuzu Lemon Mooncake ($69+ for box of four) to their Golden Pandan Mooncake with One Yolk ($71+ for box of four), made with reduced oil and sugar so they’re healthier. Snowskin lovers won’t miss out either, as Peach Garden has a handful of timeless flavours to offer, including their Signature Premium Mini White Lotus Snowskin Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts($71+ for box of eight), which is prepared with less oil and sugar too with no preservatives.

Their mooncakes come in multi-functional gift boxes as well! Order their snowskin assortment and get your mooncakes in a market-first wireless charger box, decorated with festive colours. If you’re ordering their baked mooncakes, then you may opt to receive your selection in a Special Edition Carousel Lantern Box, decorated with cutouts of the Singapore skyline. Citi Cardmembers get 20%+5% off when they order before 14 September, or 15%+5% off when they order before 29 September.

Get 20%+5% off Peach Garden’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

8. Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

shisen hanten mooncakes 2023Image credit: Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Citi Cardmembers are entitled to 30% off mooncakes from Michelin-starred Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro when you order before 3 September. The acclaimed restaurant has a selection of crafted, elevated classics. These include their Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Sakura Prawn, Pistachio and Melon Seeds ($88 for four), which blends sweet, umami, and nuttiness into one moresish package, and their Assorted Nuts with Jamón Ibérico ($88 for four), a classic flavour that reinvents the traditional lotus paste mooncake with pieces of salty jamon iberico ham. 

Those firmly in the snowskin camp, don’t fret it, as there’s the Shisen Hanten Luxury Collection, priced at $168, which comes with eight snowskin mooncakes and a bottle of Devaux Cuvée D Rosé MV. The snowskin flavours spotlight the delicate and floral, through combinations such as Premium Oolong Tea Chocolate with Orange Paste in Snowskin.

Get 30% off Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro’s mooncakes with Citi Gourmet Pleasures here.

Mid-Autumn Festival deals with Citi Gourmet Pleasures

These are just a handful of the mooncake deals you can enjoy with a Citi Credit Card, and the tip of the iceberg to more than 500 dining deals with Citi Gourmet Pleasures. If you’re not a Citi Credit Cardmember just yet, sign up now and get $300 cash back. Plus, enjoy 6% cash back on your dining with Citi Cash Back Card. You can reap all these benefits and more! Apply now via the link below. 

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Featured image adapted from Shishen Hanten by Chen Kentaro, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

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