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Delicato Has Christmas Platters From $23.90 And Truffle Cheese Sausages For All Your Festive Gatherings

1st December 2023

Delicato has affordable Christmas meats and sausages

If you’re on the lookout for affordable Christmas platters and mains for your festive parties this year, let us direct you to Delicato. The FairPrice exclusive brand has a line-up of delicatessen products that’ll take your Christmas dinner to the next level. They’re also super easy to prep, made with premium ingredients, and—the best part—mostly priced under $50!

delicato christmas platter

The Delicato Christmas Platter 1.1kg is, in our opinion, a must-buy. Priced at just $23.90, this set feeds up to eight people, with 12 sausages, as well as two cuts of smoked duck. 

delicato christmas sausages

The highlight of the platter is the Delicato Truffle Cheese Pork Sausage pack, which comes with six links. 

The meat here is infused with black truffle oil to imbue it with the prized mushroom’s distinct earthiness. It also comes with a cheesy middle that oozes when you bite into it. 

Aside from enjoying this as part of your festive dinner, these sausages make for an excellent fridge staple to replace your usual hotdogs. Have this with instant noodles, DIY rosti, or an accompaniment to any Western-style meal on days where you’re feeling a little gourmet.

delicato classic mix

Also in the platter is the Delicato Classic Mix pack, which comes with three different flavours of sausages, with two links per flavour in the pack. 

all delicato sausages

There’s the punchy, bestselling Smoked Bratwurst, which, despite the low effort it takes to cook, feels like you’ve seared it on a charcoal-fired grill. The Cheddar Bratwurst is our fave, and comes with a gooey cheddar middle when hot. Finally, the Mixed Herbs & Spices Bratwurst sees the sausage mince infused with a medley of flavours.

It’s worth noting that these sausages can also be found at FairPrice year-round, sold in individual packs.

delicato smoked duck

Rounding off the platter are two 220g cuts of Delicato Smoked Duck, in Original and Black Pepper flavours. Slice them and enjoy them as is, over pasta, atop crostini with a bit of cream cheese, or on a charcuterie board!

Delicato has other seasonally appropriate cuts to impress your guests or feed larger groups. They’ve got a range of hams and pork ribs, sized to feed different groups of people. 

delicato flatlay fairprice

The Iberico Honey Baked Ham ($29.90), for example, feeds three to four. This stars premium, succulent Iberico meat that’s marbled so you get a bit of melt-in-your-mouth fat with every bite. Pair this with a mild cheese and crusty bread, and you’ve got a simple starter.

Virginia Semi Bone-In Ham

Otherwise, we recommend the Virginia Semi Bone-In Ham ($52.90) for groups that have eight to 10 people. This smoky hock of ham is best enjoyed as is, or alongside fruit, cheese, and wines.

ham sliced shot

You’ll need to reheat this before serving, but prep is super easy. Just remove it from the fridge an hour before dinner. Glaze it with honey, and warm it up in an oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. 

Iberico BBQ Pork Ribs

For more fuss-free roast meats, get their Iberico BBQ Pork Ribs ($46.90). This feeds six to eight, and is so easy to prep. Like the ham, it should be removed from the fridge an hour prior, and then covered with foil before reheating in the oven for six to eight minutes at 180 degrees.

pork ribs cut shot

Tender, flavourful, and slightly fatty thanks to Iberico’s marbling, these ribs taste like you’ve been toiling away over a grill for a few hours, not mere minutes.

You can order Delicato’s range of Christmas items on the FairPrice app or FairPrice online from now until 15 December. Depending on your mode of order, you can either get your selection for click-and-collect, or home delivery!

Order from Delicato here!

Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This post was brought to you by Delicato.

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