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Do Qoo Has New Mochi Waffles Under $4

15th March 2024

Do Qoo has new halal mochi waffles

We all know Do Qoo for its huge variety of affordable, halal Taiwanese desserts. Well, they recently launched a new creation, their
Mochi Belgian Waffles! As a huge fan of mochi, I was elated when I heard this news, and my colleague and I went down to try it immediately.

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We tried two of their best-selling mochi waffle flavours, the Signature Belgian Waffle with Mochi ($3.40) and the Chocolate Belgian Waffle with Mochi and Cheese ($3.90). Waffles were made upon order, and we had to wait around five to 10 minutes for our food to be ready. 


Although I initially thought the combination of chocolate, mochi, and cheese was awkward, I was proven otherwise. There was a generous serving of QQ mochi in the waffle, a nice contrast to the crispy waffle crust. The chocolate flavour was quite faint, but I thought it was just right. However, my only gripe was that the sliced cheese was slightly burnt and I could taste slight bitterness at certain points. Regardless, this combination was still quite yummy. 


We also tried their Belgian Waffles With Mochi. My colleague and I felt that this was slightly plain, but it could be due to the chocolate waffles dulling our tastebuds. Similar to the above, I enjoyed how the textures of both mochi and waffle batter paired well together. 


We had to grab some of their popular Taiwanese desserts before leaving. We got two of their signature desserts, the best-selling Golden Beauty and Matcha Made In Heaven, both priced at $4.30

The desserts were served cold and came with a grass jelly and beancurd base. The toppings were also filled to the brim! They also provide cream for you to add to your desserts if you prefer a thicker consistency and a sweeter treat. 


Currently, Do Qoo is also having a promotion: add on $2.90 for any mochi waffle if you buy one of their dessert bowls! My colleague and I went to the Paya Lebar outlet, but this promotion is available at other outlets as well. Do come down quickly to try their mochi waffles! 

For more Chinese dessert options, take a look at our Wan Mei Dessert review. If not, check out After Hours, another dessert place selling mochi waffles! 

Website | Full list of outlets
Do Qoo is a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos by Hor Kia Ee.
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