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Fore Coffee: New Bugis Cafe With Modern Indonesian Coffee And Unique Lattes

17th November 2023

Fore Coffee is now open in Bugis Junction


If you’ve been to Indonesia recently, you might have heard of Fore Coffee, a beloved Indonesian coffee brand that’s quickly gained popularity since they opened five years ago. Good news for us: they’ve now set up shop in Singapore, at Bugis Junction! You can look forward to their signature coffees, along with an array of Singapore-exclusive pastries and merchandise that marry both Indonesian and local elements.

The store sits on the first floor of Bugis Junction, taking over where llaollao used to be, and is conveniently situated by the entrance of the mall.


Established in 2018, Fore Coffee has been making waves in the coffee world with their artisanal offerings and rapid expansion across Indonesia, boasting over 160 stores under their belt today. This venture into Singapore marks their first foray into the international coffee scene. You can expect nothing short of a unique and rich coffee experience, as Fore Coffee takes pride in offering only the finest, specially curated coffee beans.


What sets Fore Coffee apart is not just their exceptional coffee, but also their commitment to adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices━a philosophy that’s been integrated into the design and ethos of the cafe.

Fore Coffee supports local Indonesian farmers, acquiring 100% high-grade Arabica beans that are exclusively sourced from the best coffee-producing regions in Indonesia: Aceh Gayo, Toraja Sapan, Java Preanger, and Bali Kintamani.


Ordering here is straightforward; you can place an order at the cashier or skip the queue and order ahead on the Fore Coffee app. First-timers can get their first cuppa for only $2.99 on the app, and earn points too! If you find yourself spoiled for choice with their menu, we recommend diving straight into their signature drinks: Gula Aren Latte ($6.50), Pandan Oat Latte ($6.50), and Butterscotch Sea Salt Latte ($6.50).

The drinks are customisable with dairy alternatives such as Almond Milk ($1), Oat Milk ($1), and Low Fat Milk ($1). What’s more: you have the option of adding extra espresso shots, syrup flavours, sauces, and toppings, each available with an additional top up of $1.


Setting them apart from your usual coffee brands is undoubtedly their use of gula aren, which is a kind of palm sugar. This is featured in their Gula Aren Latte, which is crafted by blending premium espresso with the natural sweetener, gula aren, derived from the sap of the native sugar palm tree. Thanks to the palm sugar, you’ll find this drink has a caramel-like flavour.


Moving on, my personal favourite is the Pandan Oat Latte with its well-balanced bittersweet profile. The fragrant pandan has a subtle, earthy sweetness that blends well with their espresso, with a slight nuttiness from the creamy oat milk.


For fans of foam-topped drinks, the Butterscotch Sea Salt Latte is a must-try. This drink is a luscious fusion of butterscotch and espresso, topped with sea salt cream and caramel crumble.


The caramel crumble adds a mellow sweetness, which pairs well with the buttery and savoury notes of butterscotch and sea salt.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t worry. They also offer a variety of coffee alternatives including Matcha Green Tea ($6.50), Peppermint Tea ($4.5), Hibiscus Passion Fruit ($6) and more.


Don’t leave Fore Coffee without trying their pastries!


Their pastries, crafted fresh daily, include classics such as Kouign Amann ($5) and Singapore-exclusive Indonesian specials such as Cempedak Crumble Tart ($5.50), Ube Mochi Croissant ($6) among many others.


You can’t go wrong with Kouign Amann, a buttery and sugary pastry with a beautifully browned, crispy, and caramelised exterior.


The interior had just the right amount of tenderness and flakiness.


My colleague and I were eager to try the Cempedak Crumble Tart after learning that cempedak is a tropical fruit that’s native to Indonesia. If you’ve never had cempedak before, it’s essentially jackfruit, but loads sweeter. We also loved that the tart wasn’t too cloying!


As fans of mochi, we simply had to get the Ube Mochi Croissant.


Served warm, the mochi offered a satisfying chewiness that stood out against the flaky croissant.


For something savoury, go for their Creamy Chicken Pain Suisse ($6) instead.


This pastry boasts a rich and creamy chicken filling encased in layers of buttery and crisp pastry.

If you can’t get enough of the pastries at Fore Coffee, other notable highlights include the Burnt Cheese Gula Aren Croissant ($6.50) and Caramelaka Financier ($5).


The cafe sports an ecologically green interior, with furniture mostly made of upcycled plastic coffee cups, and is adorned with plants, and moss walls. Here, you can choose to dine al fresco in the outdoor area, or indoors where it’s well air-conditioned.


For those who wish to enjoy coffee in the comfort of their own homes, Fore Coffee has a selection of single-origin coffee beans available here. You can also look forward to purchasing Singapore-exclusive Fore Coffee merch such as tumblers, T-shirts, tote bags, and pins.

Find out more about Fore Coffee here!

Address: Victoria Street, #01-14/14A, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Opening hours: Daily 7am to 10pm
Tel: 9018 7861
Fore Coffee is a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Daryl Lim and edited by John Lery Villanueva.
This post was brought to you by Fore Coffee.

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