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Ingen Kyoto: New Kyoto-Style Teahouse In Orchard By Hvala

9th January 2024

Ingen Kyoto opens in ION Orchard 

If you’re a fan of Hvala’s Japandi decor, premium tea selection, and Japanese-inspired desserts, you’ll be pleased to hear about Ingen Kyoto. Opened late last year in ION Orchard by the same owners, Ingen Kyoto is Hvala’s new, atas counterpart. While you can expect to find similar Zen-style interior design elements, Ingen Kyoto’s menu offerings are completely different. 

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More than 70 types of tea are available here, including white, yellow, black, and green tea. You can even explore options from famous tea-producing Japanese prefectures such as Kyoto, Shizuoka, Fukuoka and more. Prices start from $12.80 and go all the way up to $126.80, with each serving yielding at least two steepings.

ingen-kyoto-tea-set-brewingImage credit: @peggy17688

True to their goal of immersing guests in the craftsmanship of tea brewing, guests can even bring their own tea leaves and brew them at Ingen for a corkage fee of $12.80

ingen-kyoto-tea-pouring-ceremonialImage credit: @jamnbagel

Alternatively, those craving something milkier can order one of their tea lattes. Made with Hokkaido milk, sample elevated versions of familiar favourites such as Single Cultivar Ceremonial Matcha Latte ($14.80) or Dark Matcha (Kuro) Latte ($14.80).

ichigo-parfait-strawberry-dessertImage credit: Ingen Kyoto
Moving on to desserts: a popular option is their Ichigo Parfait ($20.80). Served in a dainty wine glass, it features layers of raspberry jelly, fromage blanc, and strawberry sake sorbet finished with fresh sliced strawberry, strawberry sauce, and pear jelly. There’s even a layer of puff pastry atop the wine glass!

ingen-kyoto-kinkan-citrusImage credit: Ingen Kyoto

Otherwise, have one of their carefully crafted gateaux. The Kinkan ($16.80), for one, consists of honey jelly, hazelnut feulletine, and jaconde sponge coated with fruit glaze and lined with slices of kumquat. 

kabocha-pumpkin-artisanal-dessert-japaneseImage credit: Venus GWS

One of their more unique desserts is the Kabocha ($19.80), comprising half a steamed Japanese pumpkin that’s partially scooped and filled with pumpkin puree, hazelnuts, chia seeds, and kombu honey jelly. 

ingen-kyoto-interiorImage credit: Venus GWS

On your way out, don’t forget to check out their retail corner, where you can find a beautiful, curated selection of tea sets, glassware, and even fragrances. 

ION Orchard is home to many other aesthetic cafes. Since you’re in the area, consider dropping by Le Matin Patisserie or Marimekko Cafe for IG-worthy interiors and pastries!

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-15, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Ingen Kyoto is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @peggy17688, Venus GWS and Ingen Kyoto

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