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Mr Churro Review: 50cm Churros That Are Big In Size, Not So Much With Flavour

23rd December 2015

About Mr Churro

Update (4th April 2019): Mr Churro has permanently closed.

“Bigger is better” seems to be the claim of popular churro franchise Mr Churro as they open yet another churros stand in Singapore. While the franchise emphasises heavily on quality ingredients to bring the best experience, their claim to fame has to be the gargantuan 50cm churro ($4.50), guaranteed to give screaming toddlers the sugar rush they need to finally send their parents over the edge. The flavoured dips ($0.50) come in Blueberry, Dark Chocolate and Milk Custard.

Original Churro ($4.50)


This is the basic version of the churro, and in my opinion the best kind of churro. The x-factor here is definitely its size,  but the taste just doesn’t live up to it. Most of the churro stalls in Sinagpore run into the same problem as Mr Churro, the spice and sugar mix just isn’t intense enough and the flavours just fall way too flat. Every time a churro stall rolls into town I cross my heart and hope this would be the one, but my perfect churro never seems to come. If you’re looking for a real churro, your princess is in another castle.

Nutty Churro ($5.90)


These churros are basically covered in chocolate sauce and a boat-load of nuts. The peanuts add a nice texture to it, but again, it’s not big on the flavour.

Banana Milk Churro ($6.50)


The banana milk soft serve variant fared better in our taste test. I enjoyed dipping hot churros into the cold ice cream, the temperature contrast is quite lovely, and the soft serve was sweet and had a nice consistency to it. I’d recommend getting this above the rest of the other choices if you had to choose.

Cover image from Exploding Belly

  • 5.5/10
    - 5.5/10


– Prices are alright
– Soft serve ice cream is pretty good

– Lacks flavour all around

Opening Hours: Daily: 10am-10pm
Address: ION Orchard #B4-61, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801

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