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Eatbook Quiz: Which Potato Chip Are You?

9th May 2019

Potato Quiz - Cover ImageWe all have a fav’ go-to snack for days when we’re munching on the couch. This quiz will let you know which potato chip brand you truly are. Find out if you’re a snarky Mala Mala or a single Pringle.

Which is your favourite Netflix show?

Where’s your dream wedding location?

What’s your favourite local dish?

What's your favourite secondary school subject?

Which of these sites do you enjoy the most?

When on a holiday, you can be seen:

Eatbook Quiz: Which Potato Chip Are You?

Just like a packet of F.EAST chips, your quirkiness makes you stand out from the rest. Not everyone appreciates you, but the ones that do feel strangely at home whenever they’re with you. You’re original in all that you do and truly are one of a kind.

Your choice of activities might make people think you’re basic. That’s just ‘cause they’re jealous of how you always keep up with the latest trends. Once people get to know you, they just can’t get enough of you - just like a pack of Irvins snacks.
Mala Mala

You’re feisty like a pack of Mala Mala with the skills to show for it. Your greatest strength is your razor sharp wit. People might be put off by your sarcastic nature but underneath all that spiciness is a gentle soul.

The term “single like a Pringle” fits you to a T. You value your freedom too much to be tied down, and your free-spirited nature lets you make loads of friends. Your favourite moments are when you’re home alone, watching Netflix and eating, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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