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Singaporean Contestant Woo Wai Leong Wins MasterChef Asia

11th December 2015

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The dust has settled and the stoves of Master Chef Asia have been wiped down for now. But out from the smoke and ashes our homeboy Woo Wai Leong snags the top prize of $50,00 USD, and puts another jewel on the crown that is SG50.

In an intense battle against his Malaysian rival Marcus, the couple had to endure three rounds of intense culinary combat.


The first round was a mystery box challenge where the couple had to whip up a dish based on randomly selected ingredients. Leong prepared a pan-roasted quail with a chocolate & cauliflower puree brought together with a lavender pan sauce, a challenging and quirky combination to be sure.

The second challenge gave the contestants free reign to cook anything they liked which resulted in Leong’s carrot salad roasted in coffee with short ribs and brown-butter puree with mirin-glazed leeks.

The third and final round had contestants recreate a dish by the top restaurant in San Pelligrino’s list, Ganggan. Contestants had to recreate a Mango Snowball, a well-loved dessert with only three ingredients, mango, chocolate and cream. Here’s a video showing how insane that feat is:

Mango SnowballIt’s snowing mango!
Chef Gaggan Anand’s signature dessert has only 3 ingredients: chocolate, mango & cream.

Posted by MasterChef Asia on Thursday, December 10, 2015


Victory may be sealed for Leong, but it seems that plans to open his own restaurant remain far in the horizon as he seeks to further develop his skills. And just for the ladies, he isn’t married so start stalking. Just remember to invite me to the wedding especially if mango snowballs are involved because that looks delicious.

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