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Eatbook Quiz: Which Type Of Sushi Are You?

19th February 2019

Sushi quiz cover

Sushi is one of the most diverse, yet universally enjoyed food there is. From torched rice rolls to plain slices of raw fish, find out if your favourite sushi matches your personality! 

What's your favourite genre of music?

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

What's your CCA?

A stranger picks a fight with your friend at a bar. What do you do?

Where would you go for brunch?

What's your ideal holiday activity?

Eatbook Quiz: Which Type Of Sushi Are You?
Maki Roll

Creativity is endless when it comes to assembling a maki roll. Just like how anything can go in a maki, your imagination never stops. And it’s those quirks that make you unique. You’re a lover of the arts and can appreciate the finer things in life. You also connect well with just about anyone, possessing a very approachable vibe.
Gunkan Maki

“Gunkan” means battleship in Japanese, and that’s exactly what you are. Adventurous and rugged, you’re never afraid to try something new. You’re also fiercely passionate, if sometimes impulsive, and you’ll defend what you believe to the death. A natural-born leader, you’ll do whatever it takes to protect those you love.

Just like sashimi, you're simple, pure and down-to-earth. Humble and laidback, you have an amiable personality and can mix with any social group. In your group of friends, you’re the glue, and even if you aren’t the most outspoken, people listen to what you say. When you’re alone, there’s nothing you’d rather do than just chill out.

Just like how nigiri is the most common variety of sushi, you’re basic and proud of it. You’ve got a massive group of friends and always need to let them know what you’re doing on social media. Light-hearted and cheery, you’re always a ray of sunshine, spreading that infectious cheer to those around you.

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