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The Cafe Menu Review: Claypot Chicken Mac And Cheese That Costs $5 Only

8th August 2016

Claypot mac and cheese that’ll satisfy all cheese addicts

Update: The Cafe Menu has permanently closed.

The Cafe Menu (6)

PSA to all cheese lovers: claypot mac and cheese is now a thing! While I love the usual chicken chop or fish and chips at kopitiams, claypot mac and cheese takes things to a whole new level. Once known as “Legitimeat” in Bukit Merah, The Cafe Menu has moved to Sengkang and now boasts a fancy menu under a HDB block.

Food at The Cafe Menu

The Cafe Menu (4)

After a 10-minute walk from Thenggam LRT, we were hungry and mentally ready to dig straight into a huge spoonful of Claypot Chicken Mac & Cheese ($5). But we were told to wait for another 15 minutes while the dish was being prepared – definitely not a place for hangry souls. 

We thought the mac and cheese would be bubbling like usual claypot dishes, but this didn’t. That being said, it was still hot enough for us to thoroughly mix the cheese, bechamel sauce and macaroni together before digging in. There was a generous amount of chicken cubes and peas, and I love how it was creamy without being too salty. Overall, this was a dish easily polished, and great value for money in comparison to mac and cheese dishes I’ve tried elsewhere.

The Cafe Menu (1)

Grilled Wagyu Steak ($15.50) was the most expensive item on the menu. I was asked how I’d like my steak done – medium rare – and it delivered on that front with a side of coleslaw and fries. The beef was juicy and chewy, but I was disappointed to find a lack of grill marks that would typically give the steak its crustiness. There was also a huge sinew running through the steak, and a lack of marbling made it difficult to cut the meat smoothly for an indulgent melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

The Cafe Menu (3)

We decided to see how their typical kopitiam Western dishes would fare. As pork chops weren’t available until 6pm, we ordered Grilled Chicken Chop ($6) instead. 

It is everything I love about chicken chop. The meat itself was tender and juicy, while its grilled skin was deliciously full of fat. It paired well with a crunchy coleslaw on the side, and the shoestring fries that came with it was topped with a smoky Italian herb seasoning to make it slightly sweet and salty. That being said, I wish the fries were crispier and the dish could have come with more gravy for the chicken.

Service at The Cafe Menu

The Cafe Menu (8)

We were first in line when we arrived at 2pm on a Thursday, and we waited about 15 to 20 minutes for all 3 dishes to be served. If you’re rushing to another place after eating, this won’t be your best bet. You’ll be given a number after ordering, and a staff will ring a bell and shout it out so you can go collect your meal. It might get noisy and crowded during lunch and dinner times, so keep an eye on the stall while waiting.

The Verdict

The Cafe Menu (10)

The Cafe Menu (9)

Even though The Cafe Menu’s prices may not be the lowest as compared to other kopitiam stalls, it’s still cheaper than cafes serving similar fare. If you don’t mind a non-air conditioned atmosphere, then this would make a good spot for gatherings with friends or even a hipster dinner with bae – just BYO candlelight to give it a more romantic feel.

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  • 7/10
    - 7/10


– Unique dishes
– Reasonable prices

– Inconvenient location
– Non-air conditioned

Recommended Dishes: Claypot Chicken Mac & Cheese ($5)

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday 12:30PM to 8:30PM
Friday 3PM to 8:30PM
Saturday – Sunday 5PM to 8:30PM

Address: Blk 433A Sengkang West Way, #01-01, Happy Hawkers Coffeeshop, Singapore 560531

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