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ZITIMAMA’S Has DIY Pasta Bowls From $4.40 In NTU

12th September 2023

ZITIMAMA’S in NTU has DIY pasta and salad bowls

Image credit: ZITIMAMA’S, NTU

Cheap thrills are greatly appreciated in today’s economy, so I was very happy when I chanced upon a pasta kiosk in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) called ZITIMAMA’S. This eatery offers affordable DIY pasta and salad bowls that make for a great meal when you’re on the go in between lectures and tutorials.

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ZITIMAMA'S-baked-cheese-pasta (6)
Image credit: ethel

First off, the menu sees a small selection of Baked Cheese Pasta: Baked Meatball Mac n Cheese ($7.40), Baked Chicken Tikka ($7.40), Baked Smoked Duck ($7.20), and Baked Turkey Bacon ($7.20)

Image credit: Bernie Wee

Known as a popular choice among the students, their mac and cheese features macaroni with house-made chicken meatballs and mushrooms doused in cream sauce. If you prefer a tomato base, you can give their chicken tikka a try. This baked pasta bowl comprises macaroni, bell peppers, and chicken tikka blanketed in tomato cashew nut sauce.

ZITIMAMA'S-pasta-with-muffin (5)
Image credit: ZITIMAMA’S, NTU

If you’d like something more substantial, you can add on a side of your choice for $2.40: Garlic Bread, Wild Mushroom Soup, Muffin, or Chocolate Brownie. Coffee is from the famous Italian coffee brand, illy, and you can get an iced Cafe Latte or iced Cappuccino at a wallet-friendly price of $3.80 each

ZITIMAMA'S-diy-pasta-bowl (3)
Image credit: Sonya Chong

For just $4.40, you can DIY your very own pasta bowl too. All you have to do is pick a choice of pasta between penne and macaroni, then choose a sauce to go with your pasta. There are three sauces to choose from: Tomato, Cream, and Tomato Cashew Nut. Finally, add either cherry tomatoes or sliced olives to complete your bowl!

You can add on Chicken Cube, Smoked Duck, or Turkey Bacon at $1.20 each. For something fancier, go for their Beef Ragu, Chicken Tikka, or Chicken Meatball at $1.40 each. 

Otherwise, you can make your own salad bowl at $4.40 that consists of quinoa, baby spinach, and sweet potatoes. You can choose either lemon dressing or honey balsamic as the finishing touch! For a hearty option, we encourage you to add Nuts ($0.80), Vegetables ($0.80), or Protein ($1.20)

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Address: 50 Nanyang Avenue, South Spine, SS1-01, #05-05A, 639798
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm
Tel: 6513 0732
ZITIMAMA’S is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from ethel and ZITIMAMA’S, NTU

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