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Almost Famous Review: Marie Kondo Will Approve Of This Minimalist Craft Beer Bar Serving Tom Yum Gyoza

23rd January 2019

The cool kids hang at Almost Famous

Almost Famous Flatlay

The first thing that came to mind when I heard of Almost Famous was how strange the name was. It sounded more like a movie starring Adam Sandler than a chic watering hole.

That being said, the place def’ lured me in with its design – or lack thereof. It was like stepping into Marie Kondo’s dream drinking den, with grey tables and chairs marking the concrete space.

Food at Almost Famous

Almost Famous Tom Yum Gyoza

The menu at Almost Famous is as minimal as its interior. On it you will find plenty of fried munchies to pair with your craft beer.

Almost Famous Gyoza

To start, we had a platter of Tom Yum Gyoza ($10+), featuring golden meat parcels sitting on top of a bed of creamy tom yum. While the gyoza was nothing to shout about, the tom yum sauce was a real kicker.

Almost Famous Tom Yum Gyoza CHIJMES

Boasting a creamy consistency, this red-hued sauce had strong hints of lemongrass that were followed by a tangy finish. It was slightly spicy as well, but not too much that it scorches your taste buds. It went really well with the creamy Hazelnut Nectar ($14+) — my favorite brew of the night —that had a rich nutty flavour.

Almost Famous Luxury Fries

If you thought truffle fries were the king of fries, the Luxury Fries ($16+) here will make you think otherwise. Seasoned with truffle oil, then garnished with shavings of fresh truffle and parmesan cheese, this atas dish also came with a side of caviar.

While it may sound gimmicky, the caviar made for a really interesting addition. It added a welcomed brininess to the earthy aroma, and surprisingly helped balance out the heaviness of these fried shoestrings.

Almost Famous Crispy Kai Lan

Another dish that took me by surprise was the Fried Salad ($8+), as never have I ever thought that beer and veggies could go well together. Fried to crisp perfection, the brittle greens came together with thinly sliced sweet potato and tau kee all of which crumbled easily as I bit into it.

The light brush of honey provided a gentle sweetness, and an ideal drink to pair this with would be the Cha Chaan Teng Gose ($14+) from Young Master, which is both salty and sour.

Almost Famous Encierro Garlic Wings

Almost Famous also serves a selection of traditional snacks, such as this Encierro Garlic Wings ($14+). Coated with minced garlic, the wings were loaded with garlicky flavour and had an extremely crispy skin. It sorta reminded me of a zhng-up version of McWings.

Almost Famous Watermelon Beer

A bar first and restaurant second, the craft beers are what you should be coming for at Almost Famous. They have 16 brews on rotation, and each have their own unique characteristics. Sure to please everyone is the Watermelon IPA ($14 for f. Pint,  $16 for a.f pint), with its smooth finish and slight bitter body.

Ambience at Almost Famous

Almost Famous Interior

Grey is the colour theme for Almost Famous. But while it is decked in this rather dull colour, it is this minimalist tone that makes this space interesting. It reminds me more of an art gallery than a bar, thanks to the feature wall emitting bright white lights and the empty spaces all around. I liked how there were no dart boards or pool table, allowing you to focus on conversing with your mates.

The verdict

Almost Famous CHIJMES

If you’re looking for a good watering hole to hang at, Almost Famous makes for the perfect choice. While the food isn’t good enough for dinner alone, they are substantial for a good drinking session. The next time I’m at City Hall craving for a tipple, I will def’ be back here.

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Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-06, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: Daily 3pm to 12am

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


– Great vibe
– Good selection of craft beers
– Tasty bar food

– Gets crowded early

Recommended dishes:
Crispy Kai Lan ($8+), Luxury Fries ($15+)

Opening hours: Daily 3pm to 12am

Address: 30 Victoria Street, #01-06, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

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