New Eastern Kim Tee To Launch Bak Kwa Fries With Satay Sauce On 11.11
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New Eastern Kim Tee To Launch Bak Kwa Fries With Satay Sauce On 11.11

10th November 2021

New Eastern Kim Tee bak kwa fries with satay sauce

Homegrown bak kwa makers New Eastern Kim Tee brought us the crossover that was bak kwa fries last year. This 11.11, they’re upping the ante with all-new Bak Kwa Fries with Satay Sauce ($7.50), launching on their online stores.

bak kwa fries with satay sauce new eastern kim tee Image credit: New Eastern Kim Tee

Why the crossover? Well, New Eastern Kim Tee was inspired by satay, and made the logical link that bak kwa, a charcoal-grilled pork snack, would work with the peanut sauce that adorns satay, another popular grilled meat snack. We don’t know if they’re right, so stay tuned and try the combo out for yourself come 11.11, as you order off the New Eastern Kim Tee website.

If you order three cups online, you get free satay sauce and delivery.

kim tee bak kwa fries
Image credit: New Eastern Kim Tee

Though New Eastern Kim Tee has very new age bak kwa creations, the brand has been around since the 1970s. They currently have two outlets, in Serangoon Gardens and in Chinatown, and make their bak kwa 100% by hand, with a heritage recipe that has been around for over 40 years. They also sell a variety of other bak kwa products, as well as Chinese New Year snacks.

ng kim tee singapore
Image credit: New Eastern Kim Tee

Their release of their OG Bak Kwa Fries ($6) was their first foray into takeaway snacks. Since then, they’ve released a variety of other items, from their Bak Kwa DIY Box ($18), where a self-heating box—a la Haidilao’s instant hotpots—lets you create your own bak kwa at home. They also have ready-to-eat Hei Zho ($8.50), AKA deep-fried prawn rolls.

You can also keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming 11.11 sale via their Facebook page.

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Featured image adapted from New Eastern Kim Tee and Klook.

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