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BCC Tea Studio Review: Underrated Bubble Tea Stall Serving Cheap IG-Worthy BBT

17th May 2019

BCC Tea Studio doesn’t break the bank

BCC Tea Studio - Bubble tea

Gone are the days where Each A Cup and Sweet Talk reign supreme. These days, you can only expect queues at KOI, Gong Cha and HEYTEA. 

That being said, I am still a sucker for neighbourhood BBT shops, so I couldn’t help but venture down to BCC Tea Studio for a taste. It seems they’ve redefined what it means to be a neighbourhood BBT shop. Their prices are almost as low as Sweet Talk, but their taste and aesthetics are worthy of a higher price tag. 

Case in point: their psychedelic array of coloured drinks that are served in minimalist cups. Even their storefront is lined with fluorescent bulbs complemented with bright and bold colours.

This is the budget Instagrammer’s paradise.

Drinks at BCC Tea Studio

BCC Tea Studio - Brown Sugar Boba With Fresh Milk

The Brown Sugar Boba With Fresh Milk was the first thing I ordered. It was just $3.50 for a large cup. Compare this to the five odd dollars you’d spend at Tiger Sugar and it’ll put a smile on your face.

BCC Tea Studio - Brown sugar milk

The taste was also great. A strong burst of brown sugar enveloped my mouth in a dark, nutty sweetness. The pearls were also awesome with a delicate balance of chewiness and softness, just like Tiger Sugar.

My colleagues liked it too, though some commented that it tasted slightly like coffee milk. Perhaps they were referring to the intense roasted brown sugar flavour.

BCC Tea Studio - Fantasies Galaxy Blue

Fantasies Galaxy Blue ($4.20) is a mint soda and was the most intriguing drink we tried that day. Its mesmerising colours and bubbly effervescence looked like shining stars in the sky.

It was a refreshing drink, but its taste was disappointing. This bluish soda had the artificial taste of menthol, much like mouthwash or toothpaste.  

BCC Tea Studio - Galaxy drink colourful bubble tea

It could have done with some improvements. Adding fresh mint leaves instead of mint cordial would be a great start. Also adding any citrus fruits – as you would to a virgin mojito – would have upped its ante.

BCC Tea Studio - Japanese Zen

For my third drink, I opted for their matcha latte, Japanese Zen ($4.20). The film of green that floated above the pillow of white looked incredibly tantalising.

Stirring the drink riled the undissolved specks of matcha powder into a beautiful green cloud.

BCC Tea Studio - matcha latte

All that powder gave a strong matcha flavour to the drink, meshing well with the creamy milk.

BCC Tea Studio - Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise ($4.20) was my favourite. This yoghurt drink had a velvety silkiness that covered my mouth in a blanket of lusciousness. Then came a salivating tartness that was just enough to lure you in for another sip. 

It also looked stunning with its pastel lilac hue that blended elegantly with the ivory milk base. It was exactly like a winter’s dawn. Definitely a drink for the ‘gram.

Ambience at BCC Tea Studio

BCC Tea Studio - Stall front

I love how BCC Tea Studio has tons of seats to chill at. Apart from the colourful bar stools by the kitchenette, there’s also an al fresco seating available outside.

However, one qualm I have is the bird shop situated right next door, which can be quite distracting; expect tons of chirping if you intend to hang out there.

BCC Tea Studio - paper carrier

I personally recommend you to just pack and go. If you’re dabao-ing for your friends, you will be pleased to find they use a chic and cute cardboard carrier instead of a plastic bag.

The verdict

BCC Tea Studio - Verdict

Undeniably, the main draws here are their low prices and aesthetic drinks. I found myself going gaga over the suite of technicoloured BBT that looked so good on my IG feed. If you’re in Bedok, it’s def’ worth trying out! 

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Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-29, Singapore 460084
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 11pm

Photos taken by Sharlene Lau.
This is an independent review by Eatbook.sg.

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


– Good tasting drinks
Wide variety

– Slightly inaccessible

Recommended drinks: Brown Sugar Boba With Fresh Milk ($3.50), Japanese Zen ($4.20), Winter Sunrise ($4.20)

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 11pm

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460084

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