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4 Best WhatsApp Channels In SG To Follow For Food Recommendations And Deals

21st July 2023

Best WhatsApp channels about food to follow in Singapore

Meta seems to be going all in on social media of late, with their latest WhatsApp channels launch coming hot on the heels of Threads

If you’re scratching your head about what exactly WhatsApp channels are, here’s the lowdown: they’re akin to Telegram channels—platforms where you can get the latest updates from a particular brand, title, or even person.

For foodies, this means you have an all-new avenue to get the lowdown on all the latest food in Singapore. If you’ve already been on the Telegram channel bandwagon for years and this feels like old news to you, pass this list along to the diehard WhatsApp boomer in your life.

1. Eatbook.sg 

eatbook whatsapp channel

Yes, we’re ownself promoting ownself. If you’ve not been keeping up with us on our Eatbook Telegram channel because you prefer WhatsApp, we’ve finally been able to put our updates on the latter platform. From the latest new F&B openings to curated food guides on what and where to eat, Eatbook’s WhatsApp channel has you covered. Follow us here

2. SG Food Deals 

sg food deals whatsapp channels singapore

The SG Food Deals WhatsApp channel is a firm believer in the mantra, “good things must share”. There, they’ve got daily updates on all the best F&B deals, discounts, and promotions. From $1 bubble tea to 50% off buffets and everything in between, expect to get all the top-tier food lobang and save tons when you join their channel here.

3. SG Student Promos 

sg student promos

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s not the easiest to get by on a student budget. Fret not, SG Student Promos has your back with all the best deals you can get with a student ID, including dining deals, from froyo deals to yakiniku discounts and plenty more. Follow them here.

4. SG Fitness & Health

sg fitness and health whatsapp channels

Wellness junkies and gym bros, you’ll want to follow this WhatsApp channel. SG Fitness & Health offers all the latest intel on gym deals, class packages, and healthy food lobang in Singapore. Expect news on healthy grocery discounts, deals on clean eating meal packs and so forth. Follow the channel here.

WhatsApp channels to follow in Singapore

Here are some of the best WhatsApp channels for F&B in Singapore! If you’d like to support Eatbook on our other new social channels, follow us on Threads and Lemon8 too.

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