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10 Phởs in Singapore That Are So Delicious They’re Un-Phở-gettable

8th December 2015

Phởs in Singapore

Phở (pronounced fur) is one of Vietnam’s most quintessential gastronomical exports, and best paired with their famous drip-down coffee or rice paper spring rolls. While the name phở refers specifically to the rice noodles used, we are often reminded of the dish as a whole, with its herbaceous broth and tender meat slices bringing an explosion of flavour. It’s not difficult to see why it has stolen the hearts of so many tourists from around the world. Here, we leave you with 10 of the best places where you can phở-fill your cravings for phở bo, the beef variant of this Vietnamese dish.

1.Long Phung


Long Snaking queues in inaccessible places like Joo Chiat tend to mean great things about the food. This case is no exception, Long Phung is crowned by many as the best Vietnamese joint in town, and those who know this are wise to show up early or be punished by long lines. Their phở with rare beef ($6.50) is the star dish here with its hearty broth aided by fresh herbs to achieve the euphoria of authentic Vietnamese flavours. While it will require either eating at odd timings or waiting patiently in the long queue, we can assure you that it is definitely worth the wait. After all, it does close at 12am so feel free to pop down and enjoy a hearty, guilt-inducing supper!

Address: 159 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427436
Contact: 9105 8519
Opening Hours: Daily: 1pm – 12am

2. Nam Nam


Founded by an established Vietnamese chef, Nam Nam is one of the few chains you’ll find on this list, perhaps as testament to its success with the people in Singapore. Its 4 outlets across Central Singapore all bring the same high standards for Vietnamese phở especially the one with thinly sliced beef , ($10) so don’t hesitate to try them. More importantly, Nam Nam also serves a wagyu beef phở ($17.90) for those in the mood to indulge. Alternatively, with sets available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one can get the best value out of their meal. Hand rolls with a bowl of phở and a coffee to match for only $10.90 on a weekday lunch? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal somewhere else.

Address: Check out their multiple outlets here.
Opening Hours: Daily: 10am – 930pm

3. The Orange Lantern


Simmered for at least 18 hours, The Orange Lantern’s phở bò is meticulously prepared with a dedication to the culinary craft, especially when their broth comprises a concoction of herbs like star anise and coriander blended beautifully together. It comes in two variations – the Special Beef Noodle Soup ($12.80) and the Special Chilli Beef Noodle Soup ($12.80), both of which are popular favourites among their many customers. Alternatively, if you pop by around lunchtime you can enjoy the ridiculously value for money Sliced Beef Noodle Soup with an appetiser and a drink for only $11.90!

Address: Check out their multiple locations here.
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 10pm

4. Mrs Pho


Simple, yet homely, such is the feel Mrs Pho hopes to bring to its traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Indeed, Mrs Pho believes in “adhering to authenticity”, and this is evident when you take a bowl of her warm phở bò tái ($7.90). But the best option would be to order the pho bo dac biet, or special beef combo pho, where at $8.90, you get the combination of beef slices, brisket and balls, providing a lovely mix of beef textures in your mouth.

Address: 349 Beach Road Singapore 199570
Contact: 6292 0018
Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday: 11am – 10pm Sunday: Closed

5. Pho 4 All


One of the few Halal-establishments on this list, Pho 4 All truly aims to bring its phở to everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. Its simple style has won over the hearts of many whose tastebuds are more attuned towards less heavy but nevertheless delectable tastes. While slightly pricey for a casual eatery, those who especially enjoy the herbaceous taste of their phở ($10) will enjoy the fact that this establishment’s beansprouts, basil and mint are refillable.

Address: 7 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199074
Contact: 6294 0703
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11am – 3pm / 6pm – 9pm, Sunday: Closed

6. Pho Stop


Apart from being under a bar with a delightful view of Tanjong Pagar’s surrounding skyline, Pho Stop is known for serving smaller portions, but makes up for this immensely by doling out generous portions of meat to its customers – evident when you try their Beef Feast Combo, a delightful combination of beef slices, brisket and balls, at only $9.50 – quite the steal when their broth is also prepared to immeasurable perfection.


Address: 72 + 74 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088493
Contact: 6534 8178
Opening Hours: Mon – Tues: 1130am – 10pm,Wed- Thurs: 1130am – 12mn, Fri – Sat: 1130am – 2am, Sun: Closed

7. Madam Saigon


At the heart of the CBD, Madam Saigon’s extensive menu will cater to almost all cravings for Vietnamese food, with many unusual dishes up for offer like the Saigon hotpot ($20.50). But their phở ($10.50) remains one of the more popular choices, with a broth which stands out from the rest by using less herbs to create a taste that remains tasty while being a little less taxing on the tongue.

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk #01-26 , Singapore 039596
Contact: 6338 3831
Opening Hours: Everyday: 1130am – 4pm / 6pm – 10pm

8. Little Vietnam


Not one of the more famous options, Little Vietnam is a sizable but unassuming eatery with both indoor and al fresco dining options available, which gives it enough space to accommodate the sizable crowd it usually attracts – testament to the quality of its food. Its phở bò ($6.50) is a large warm bowl of flavourful soup and succulent beef slices that will charm you with their aromatic fragrances, and taste even better when paired with their deep fried spring rolls ($4.80).

Address: 511 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399849
Contact: 6547 8587
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun: 12nn – 1130pm

9. Pho Hoa

12298941_1664589860486039_1398109690_n (1)

Pho Hoa prides itself on being a health-conscious option, so you can ensure its ingredients are fresh and top quality. But what really stands out is the variety of options available for its phở – there is the beginner phở ($12.95) which uses tender, lean cuts of beef, the regular phở ($14.95) which includes beef flanks with a little layer of fat to add a new dimension of taste to the food, or the adventurous choice which goes all out, throwing in steak, tendons, brisket, tripe and more.

Address: 18 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277678
Contact: 6467 3662
Opening Hours: Daily: 11am – 930pm

10. Pho 99


Another health-conscious option on the menu, Amoy Street’s Pho 99 phở ($9) has a broth that is almost oil-free, although many of their diners will recommend the addition of chilli oil to spice up this wonderful dish. Their beef slices and beef balls are paired wonderfully with the slices of onion you’ll find in your meal, and will definitely leave you wanting more. A good choice for anyone who prefers a lighter taste!

Address: 57/58 Amoy St, Singapore 069883
Contact: 6410 9600
Opening Hours: Mon -Fri: 10am – 9pm, Sat: 10am – 5pm

Phở-nomenal Delights

Now that we’ve described the many places you can go to try this wonderful dish, why not head down to any of the 10 outlets featured here for a piping hot, heartwarming bowl of phở? You won’t regret it. Take a phở-to to let us know where you’ve gone by tagging us at @eatbooksg!

Written by Bryce

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