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Canadian Pizza: Get $0.54 Regular Pizza From Now Till 30 Sep 2019

8th August 2019

Canadian Pizza’s National Day promotion

Canadian Pizza - National day promotion

A long public holiday weekend calls for house gatherings, and house gatherings can go two ways: a busy blur of food preparation all day or a simple call for delivery. Celebrate Singapore’s bicentennial and 54th birthday with Canadian Pizza’s National Day promotion. From now till 30 September 2019, get your hands on a regular pizza at only $0.54!

Canadian Pizza - Pizza

To enjoy this deal, you will need to hit a minimum order of $54—excluding delivery charge—off the a la carte menu on a single transaction. With prices starting from $32.90 for two extra-large pizzas, Canadian Pizza’s value-for-money selection makes it easy to fill the order up. 

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Make sure to redeem your $0.54 regular pizza (U.P. $20) before you check out. Choose from a selection of classic flavours such as Beef Pepperoni, Cheesy Sausage, Chicken Salami, and Super Cheese.

Canadian Pizza - Flatlay

Since it is also Singapore’s bicentennial year, celebrate even harder with a second promotion when you order a Premium Pizza. This is an alternative option for bigger groups because with every extra-large ($48.90) order, you get two regular pizzas on the house. 

Canadian Pizza -Singapura Special

Commemorate the nation’s birthday by trying out Canadian Pizza’s good ol’ Singapura Special. Catered to our local taste buds, this pizza is addictive and has a combination of sweet, savoury, and spicy flavours. Eating it almost felt like I was embracing Singapore’s melting pot of cultures—apt given the festive occasion. 

Canadian Pizza - Pizza slice

National Day feels so much more like home truly, when you celebrate it with your loved ones. Whether it’s ordering for a small posse of friends or for a huge house party, you can count on Canadian Pizza to deliver fresh pizza to your doorstep at affordable prices. Don’t make burning a hole in your pocket an after-party regret.

Redeem your $0.54 regular pizza today!

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Photos taken by Nathanael Law.
This post is brought to you by Canadian Pizza.

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