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Chambong Is The Coolest New Way To Drink Champagne You’ve Never Thought Of

6th October 2015

About Chambong


Here’s yet another reason for you to drink champagne just in case you need it. Chambong was originally conceived by a few dudes looking for the perfect vessel to deliver copious amounts of marijuana into their bloodstream. Alas its design wasn’t viable for its great purpose, but its resemblance to a champagne glass prompted her makers to re-examine the possibilities.


While I doubt your favourite fancy restaurant would stock a glass like this, it sure looks like great fun, and I now know what I want for Christmas. Who says alcoholism can’t be fun?

Place your orders here at $25USD! And if you still have to ask why, let this video answer that question for you:

Editor’s note: Eatbook does NOT encourage irresponsible drinking, just fun drinking. 

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