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You Can Find $3 Char Kway Teow At This Long Queue Whampoa Stall

21st May 2024

Chuan Kee Fried Kway Teow has $3 CKT in Whampoa Makan Place

We love coming across cheap and good hawker food, especially in this economy, and that’s exactly what Chuan Kee Fried Kway Teow offers. The Whampoa Makan Place hawker stall is renowned for their $3 plates of char kway teow (CKT), sporting an “old-school” flavour thanks to the fact that the stallowner is the next-gen cook behind the pushcart hawker that sold CKT around Farrer Park.

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$3 is a rare find nowadays, when char kway teow plates tend to average $5 or $6. Most stalls also tend to batch-fry their kway teow to keep up with the demand, but at Chuan Kee, the hawker sticks to cooking one order at a time, for maximum “freshness”. Queues here can be long because of this, but the wait is worth it, in our opinion.

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You don’t get the usual sweet, dark soya sauce-loaded CKT here. Instead, Chuan Kee’s version is lighter in colour and drier, almost like the fried kway teow you’ll find in Penang. The noodles are perfumed with wok hei, with some nice bits of char for an added smokiness. All orders come with the usual trimmings: egg, beansprouts, Chinese sausage, fish cake, and cockles. If you’re getting the spicy version, you can expect your noodles fried with a sweet, punchy sambal.

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If you’re thinking of paying them a visit, it’s worth noting that the stall has rather short opening hours, and will likely sell out before closing, so head down early. They’re open Wednesday and Thursday, and Saturday to Monday, between 11am to 3pm.

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Address: 90 Whampoa Drive, #01-41, Singapore 320090
Opening hours: Wed-Thurs, Sat-Mon 11am to 3pm
Chuan Kee Fried Kway Teow is not a halal-certified eatery.

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