Copper Review: Steampunk Gin Bar with Great Food
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Copper Review: A Steampunk-Themed Gin Joint Opens in Town

10th June 2015

Update: Copper is now permanently closed.

About Copper


Amidst the rabble of fancy cocktail bars of late, Copper seeks to rise above them with some pretty cool features. Copper aims to be the defacto gin joint in town, carrying as many as 80 labels at a time, and an impressive selection of in-house infused gin.

The joint is a looker too – the interiors are beautifully decorated with relics from the fictional steam-punk era and dark interiors convey a sense of adventure and wonder bars rarely have. Each frame and artifact alludes to a story behind the bar and her fictional caretaker Dr Sparks. There’s nothing quite like Copper in Singapore.



Besides the variety of labels available in Copper, you can sample their in house gins. Flavours range from cinnamon to tom yam. My colleague opted for the age old apple and cinnamon flavour which turned out to be delicious. You can customise your own gin & tonic from $18.


Spam Fries ($9)


The best of both worlds, you get fries, and spam! The fries were really well seasoned and crispy but that dip which is made with ketchup and cheese brought the dish to the next level. We couldn’t stop eating it and ordered a second serving of dip.

Duck Waffles ($20)


The waffles are topped with duck and showered with duck jus and bacon flavored maple syrup.  I didn’t expect this dish to make a huge impact on me, but it turned out to be a delicious combination of sweet and savoury.

Mac & Cheese Balls ($15)


Your childhood pasta dish in bite sized portions. These little balls of cheesy heaven burst in your mouth and coat your tongue gloriously. The tomato sauce cuts through the heaviness nicely and brings a good balance to the dish.

Copper Jar Pickles ($9)


These vegetables are pickled in house, with goat cheese and olives at the base of the jar. They go really well together – it’s a little tough getting to the dip though, especially when the jar is still relatively full.



– Unique Theme
– Wide range of drinks on offer
– Great bar food

– Duck was a little dry
– Can be hard to find

Recommended Dishes: Spam Fries ($9), Duck Waffles ($20)

Operating Hours:
Monday- Wednesday: 6pm – midnight
Thursday – Saturday: 6pm – 3am

Address: 10 Jiak Chuan Road

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