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Domino’s Has New Limited Edition Cheese Volcano Pizzas With A Molten Dip In The Middle

29th February 2024

Domino’s has new Cheese Volcano Pizza with cheese dip


Cheese lovers, this one’s for you: Domino’s Pizza has launched their all-new Cheese Volcano Pizzas that come with a cheesy dip right in the middle of each pizza!

Priced from $33.90 for a 12” Large, you can enjoy this novel pizza in two flavours: Cheese Volcano Hawaiian Paradise and Cheese Volcano Beef Pepperoni


The Hawaiian Paradise is a classic flavour loved by kids and adults; this pizza is topped with smoked chicken breast, chicken ham, cheddar, mozzarella, and pineapple chunks. 

dominos-cheese-volcano-pizza-hawaiian (2)

For the ultimate experience, dunk half of your pizza slice into the molten cheese centre to get an explosion of flavours! The combination of the creamy cheese dip and meaty toppings is simply sublime, combined with the burst of sweetness from the juicy pineapple bits. 


If you’re not on Team Pineapple On Pizza, go for the Cheese Volcano Beef Pepperoni instead. Here, Domino’s all-time favourite Classic Pepperoni Pizza is upgraded with a hot liquid cheese middle. Loaded with savoury pepperoni slices, this meaty pizza goes exceptionally well with the velvety cheese sauce. 


Now on to the star of the show: the molten cheese dip. Served piping hot, the cheese centre is made with quality cheddar cheese and a secret cheese sauce. It’s rich, creamy, and smooth, with a slight tang that’s oh-so addictive.


That’s not all: this cheese dip is great for dunking your sides into. We recommend adding on the Garlic Cheese Onion Rings (from $5.50), which comprise whole sweet onion slices breaded and baked to golden perfection.


Alternatively, go for the Crazy Chicken Crunchies (from $11.50).


These bite-sized, tender cuts of chicken breast are marinated, breaded, and then baked till they’re crispy on the outside, while still succulent within. They’re the perfect canvas for the rich cheese sauce, too.


If you want to load up on the carbs, order a side of Domino’s signature Breadstix (from $7.50) to go with your pizza.


Sprinkled with garlic seasoning, these baked breadsticks are light and fluffy—ideal for pairing with the rich cheese dip.

Time to act fast as these Cheese Volcano Pizzas are available for a limited time only, at all Domino’s Singapore outlets for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery! You can order them via the Domino’s app, too.

Find out more about Domino’s Cheese Volcano Pizzas!

Website | Full list of outlets
Domino’s Singapore is a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Kaedynce Chew.
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