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Emart24: Famous Korean Convenience Store In Singapore With Snacks And Korean Street Food

7th February 2024

Famous Korean convenience store Emart24 is in Jurong Point and NEX

Emart24 has been a lifesaver on many of my Seoul trips, whether it be to grab a power bank, an affordable meal, or just a quick drink to quench my thirst. The lifestyle and convenience store is one of Korea’s fastest-growing brands, and fans who’ve visited the store in some capacity during a Korean holiday can now visit them in Singapore! They are located in Jurong Point and NEX.

emart24 singapore

You can now get your hands on legit Korean snacks, from chips to ramyun and banchan, as well as ready-to-eat Korean meals, all without having to board the plane. 

The outlets will have grab-and-go kiosks within, where you can get your hands on some of Emart24’s signature food items.

emart 24 food singapore

There’s their famed Handmade Corn Dog ($4.20), fresh-fried daily with an ultra-crunchy exterior. 

emart24 sg fried chicken

If you prefer fried chicken try their Boneless Fried Chicken (from $5.50), available in multiple flavours, including Honey Soy and Yang Nyum.

fried chicken emart24 singapore

Gimbap and Sam Gak Gimbap (akin to onigiri) are both Korean convenience store staples. Get your hands on them at Emart24 Jurong Point too.

gimabp emart24

These are made fresh daily and come brushed with sesame oil for added flavour. You can expect fillings such as tuna, luncheon meat, and crabstick, among others.

emat24 jurong point korean food

Bibimbap lovers must try Emart24’s signature Cupbap ($5.50), snack-sized portions of bibimbap that come loaded with buttered corn, fried kimchi, japchae, rice, and a protein of your choice. You can even pick your preferred sauce to mix in too. 

dosirak emart24

For a full meal, get their Dosirak (from $10.50) AKA Korean lunchboxes. These are similar to Japanese bento boxes, albeit with Korean dishes. All the dosirak are made fresh daily, and come in flavours such as Beef Bulgolgi and Bossam. Each is also accompanied by a selection of banchan to make it a full meal!

emart24 tteokbokki

Tteokbokki (from $3.90) is also another must-try at Emart24, especially since the sauce here is one of a kind. Their tteokbokki is simmered for two hours in their secret, spicy gochujang blend, so it’s perfectly QQ when you bite into it. You can also add-on toppings such as seaweed chicken, mandu, eggs, and more, for a fee.

Aside from the dishes mentioned above, look forward to Emart24’s house brand of snacks and products, named I’m E. These include coffee blends, even craft beers, and other small bites!

emart24 ramyun

You can also get your hands on ramyun, including classic brands like Nongshim and Samyang. Feel free to create your own food hacks by mixing the ramyun with the tteokbokki for DIY rabboki, or add the fried chicken to your ramyun for a more rounded meal!

They also sell Bingsu to-go, available for $4.90 in flavours such as Injeolmi & Red Bean, Milo, and Strawberry.

For more themed marts in Singapore, check out Thai Supermarket at Aperia Mall. Otherwise, satisfy your Korean food cravings at our guide to the best Korean restaurants in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore’s Little Korea.

Jurong Point outlet
Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-16G/H/J, Singapore 648886
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

NEX outlet
Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-50/51, Singapore 556083
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Emart24 is not a halal-certified eatery.

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This was a media tasting at Emart24.

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