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The Flavour Party: Insta-Worthy Food Festival With Sushi Donuts And Rose Gelato At The Seletar Mall

19th July 2019

The Flavour Party at The Seletar Mall

The Seletar Mall - Ball Pit

It seems like just yesterday we were at The Seletar Mall for Singapore’s first-ever Molecular Gastronomy Food Festival, which featured crazy bites such as an edible helium balloon. Well, the mall at Sengkang is back at it with another food festival! Happening from 19 July to 1 August 2019, The Flavour Party is a themed food festival showcasing IG-worthy rainbow sushi, colour-changing drinks and more. 

Here’s our round-up of the best food to try and things to experience at this tasty food affair.

1. Sushi Donut

The Seletar Mall - Sushi Donut

The schedule of events for their Globally Inspired booth includes one of the prettiest items in the food fest. This joyful team of Sushi Donuts and Rainbow California Rolls will not fail to lift your spirits and delight your senses in terms of colour, scent, and flavour. 

The Seletar Mall - Rainbow California Roll

The kaleidoscope of colourful Japanese pearl rice in the rolls is made with natural ingredients such as tobiko and beetroot. You can not only bring home a slice of the rainbow but also take away recipes to try at home!

2. Butterfly Pea Potion

flavour party

Like a magic trick and mixology technique rolled into one, the Butterfly Pea Potion is an easy drink to impress your friends with. This nutritious drink and its theatrics will definitely be a hit with kids too. Watch as the blue butterfly pea concoction transforms to a pretty purple hue when lemon juice is added into the mix.

The Seletar Mall - Protein Ball

Health nuts can look forward to learning how to make no-bake Protein Balls, filled with the likes of peanut butter, rolled oats, milk, and honey. Simply top them up with chocolate chips, coconut shavings, rice puffs, or rainbow sprinkles for an ultimate pre-gym snack.

3. Rolled Ice-cream

The Seletar Mall - Rolled Ice-cream

The most interactive station out of the bunch would be the Trailblazing Frozen Treats. Kids and adults alike will enjoy going hands-on with “stir-frying” your own trendy ice-cream rolls or crafting a too-cute-to-eat rose gelato. 

The Seletar Mall - Frozen Treats

Be spoiled for choice with their extensive selection of toppings for the ice-cream rolls. Recreate your own version of cookies and cream ice-cream with options such as Nutella, Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and even Lotus Biscoff, or reach for the more unique ones such as Thai Milk Tea powder or lychee.

4. Ma La Snacks

The Seletar Mall - Ma la chips

Be warned: approach this spicy snack haven only if you can take the heat. They are not kidding when it comes to the spice. Other than ma la chips, you can also have a taste of chips inspired by local favourites such as chilli crab, laksa, and prata fish curry. 

The Seletar Mall - Guess ma la ingredients

Put yourself to the test if you’re a fan of all things ma la. With the help of your sense of smell, find out what kind of ingredients are used to produce that lip-tingling seasoning which deliciously taints everything it touches.

Free food and workshops

The Seletar Mall - The Flavour Party

To save your spot at The Flavour Party, just produce one same-day receipt with a minimum spending of $40 at The Seletar Mall! Other terms and conditions apply. 

The Seletar Mall - Workshop

Other than these colourful and IG-worthy food peppered all over the atrium, there will also be workshops on the weekends from 20 to 21 July and 27 to 28 July. Try your hand at making a mini bento, or learn how to zhng-up your pastries with some decorating tips and tricks. 

Reserve a slot for the workshops early by spending a minimum of $40 at the mall, with a maximum of two same-day receipts allowed. Do note that one receipt has to be from an F&B outlet in the mall.

If you feel like Lady Luck is on your side, join in on the lucky draw happening from 12 July to 11 August. All you gotta do is spend a minimum of $60 ($80 including FairPrice Finest receipts) for a chance to win. Up your chances when you spend between 12pm and 4pm on weekdays; you might just walk away with up to $500 worth of SPH Mall vouchers, a 45″ TV, or a fridge!

Find out more about The Flavour Party at The Seletar Mall! 

Address: 33 Sengkang West Avenue, Level 1 Atrium, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653
Event dates: 19 July to 1 August 2019 

Photos taken by Pepita Hope Wauran.
This post is brought to you by The Seletar Mall. 

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