Food Junction Great World Opens With Al Fresco Rooftop Dining And Futuristic Vibes, Has Korean Burgers And Sea Salt Chendol
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Food Junction Great World Opens With Al Fresco Rooftop Dining, Has Korean Burgers And Sea Salt Chendol

7th April 2022

Food Junction at Great World 

Food Junction Great World - LED Digital CeilingImage credit: Food Junction

While the rest of us are living in 2022, Food Junction at Great World has sped into the future with a major upgrade earlier this year. Now, entering the food court feels like you’ve been transported into the future, as you’re surrounded by fancy digital ceilings and other futuristic decor.  

food junction great world led digital ceiling
Image credit: @myfoodframes

The eye-catching LED digital ceiling is mirrored by a railway track installation below your feet, paying homage to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and the former Great World Amusement Park’s Ghost Train ride. 

If you didn’t know, the Great World Amusement Park used to stand where the Great World building is currently situated.

Food Junction Great World - Train Themed StallsImage credit: Food Junction

Sticking with their train theme, the entire Food Junction food court is designed to resemble train carriages. 

Food Junction Great World - Rooftop AlfrescoImage credit: Food Junction

If you’re looking for a space to get some air, head to their new al fresco rooftop dining area. Lounge in comfy cabana seats while taking in panoramic views of the River Valley area and enjoying the evening breeze. 

food junction great world food
Image credit: @kevin_the_hiak

As with their other stores, Food Junction offers cuisines from all over the world at affordable prices.

Hungry Korean - Gourmet BurgerImage credit: Food Junction

One of these is Hungry Korean, owned by former Mediacorp artiste Cassandra See. Have a taste of Korea’s iconic crispy fried chicken in their Hungry Korean Gourmet Chicken Burger ($7.90) and Korean Fried Chicken Wings ($9.90), which come with a total of six drummettes and mid-joint wings. 

food junction great world hungry korean hotpot
Image credit: @jaimeblues

From 3pm onwards, Hungry Korean also offers Beef Short Rib Hotpot ($49.90) and Pork Belly Hotpot ($39.90), best shared amongst a group of four. 

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If you’re looking for filling eats without breaking the bank, give What The Fish a try. Here, you’ll find Chong Qing grilled fish, similar to the ones served at the popular Chinese restaurant, Tan Yu.


At What The Fish, you can customise your type of fish—Limbo or Sea Bass, size of fish—half or whole, flavours, and sides. If you feel spoilt for choice, go for their bestseller, the Fresh Green Pepper Half Limbo Fish Without Tail ($9.80)

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food junction great world ke coco cloudImage credit: @nicholaslgl

After your hearty meal, stop by Ke for some refreshing drinks and desserts, such as a dreamy blue Coco Cloud ($4.50), which owes its colour to natural butterfly pea powder that has been blended with coconut juice and ice cream.

food junction great world ke sea salt chendolImage credit: @nicholaslgl

Other desserts and beverages include Sea Salt Chendol ($2.20) and Kopi Slush ($2.80).

food junction great world food 2
Image credit: @kevin_the_hiak

If none of the above cuisines tickles your fancy, Food Junction houses 13 other stores, so there’s bound to be something to fill you up.  

For more exciting food courts, there’s an all-vegan coffee shop in Geylang selling meatless ‘chicken’ rice and wonton mee.  Otherwise, Cluny Food Court has Mui Kee porridge, wood-fired char siew, and Texas-style BBQ. 

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #03-116, Great World, Singapore 237994
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Tel: 6736 2030|
Food Junction is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @myfoodframes and @qingxiangsqx

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