Hungry Korean Review: Korean Hawker Stall Opened By Ex-Mediacorp Actress With Chicken Stew, Butter Scallops And More
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Hungry Korean Review: Korean Hawker Stall Opened By Ex-Mediacorp Actress With Chicken Stew, Butter Scallops And More

28th April 2021

Hungry Korean At Geylang Bahru

Hungry Korean - flat lay

Stumbling on Hungry Korean while on a walk around Geylang Bahru, I was reminded of my visit to Annyeong Chicken. Ever since the meal at the latter, I’ve been looking out for affordable Korean hawker food that is closer to the central region.ย ย 

Hungry Korean - storefront

Finding out that one of the owners is ex-Mediacorp actress Cassandra See, I had higher expectations. This was considering her first venture at Star Army Stew, which sold Korean army stew. This signalled to me that she was no stranger to the Korean hawker food scene.

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Food at Hungry Korean

Hungry Korean - jigae stew

We initially came here for their popular Baby Back Stew Ribs ($11.90), which sadly wasn’t available. This Chicken Jjigae ($6.80) was recommended to us instead. A hearty bowl of stew is common comfort food for Koreans, where the piping hot bowl of soup warms not only the belly but also the soul.

Hungry Korean - stew noodles

I would have preferred if the soup dialled up on the gochujang flavours a few notches. The dish was mainly sweet and savoury, devoid of much-needed spice. We found out it was possible to request for extra chilli oil, which we gladly mixed in.

Hungry Korean - stew chicken

The cuts of chicken given were generous. They were satisfyingly tender and not overcooked despite being boiled in a stew.

Hungry Korean - bulgogi rice bowl close up

I ordered their Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl ($6.80) as I figured it was the closest item they had to bibimbap. It came as a well-balanced meal by itself, with portions of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Hungry Korean - bulgogi beef

Bulgogi beef is typically marinated with soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger, which creates a flavourful savoury blend that is characteristically Asian. While credit is given for being flavourful, the bulgogi might be a little too sweet for some.

Hungry Korean - radish and carrots

Chunks of radish and carrot were thoroughly soaked in the same sweet mix that was mouth-wateringly satisfying. While the vegetables provided a little bit of moisture, the overall dish was rather dry. I can only imagine how a bowl of complimentary Korean seaweed soup would have done much to make the dish more palatable.

Hungry Korean - volcano ramen

From being a hangover cure to a quick meal for busy adults, instant ramen is wildly popular in Korean culture. Their Spicy Volcano Ramen ($5.80) came in an eye-catching bright yellow. Two quarters of luncheon meat topped off the sinful deal.

Hungry Korean - Noodle close up

The creamy, cheesy flavours did well to subdue the spiciness. I enjoyed the two extremes of flavours that came together to a happy medium as I slurped down the bowl of noodles.

Hungry Korean - butter scallop

While Iโ€™ve only seen grilled cheese scallop sold on the streets of Korea, over at Hungry Korean they have Butter Scallop ($5.80) as a side. The scallops reminded me of the ocean but not in a good way. Rather mushy in texture and bearing strong briny taste, the butter flavour was masked by this overpowering flavour.

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Ambience at Hungry Korean

Hungry Korean - Ambience shot

With a four-minute walk from Geylang Bahru MRT Station, accessibility is hardly an issue with this coffee shop. Do take note that business is brisk during lunchtimes due to the office crowd.

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The verdict

Hungry Korean - verdict

The wide range on the menu covered much ground for Korean food, but it also came across as rather unfocused to me. It was sort of a โ€œjack of all trades, ace of noneโ€ problem. It is, however, admirable that Cassandra has attempted to offer up such a variety of Korean dishes as opposed to merely serving rice and meat on hotplates.

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Address: Block 57 Geylang Bahru, #01-3521, Singapore 330057
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 9pm
Hungry Korean is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Keith Kok
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Hungry Korean Review: Korean Hawker Stall Opened By Ex-Mediacorp Actress With Chicken Stew, Butter Scallops And More
  • 6/10
    Hungry Korean Review: Korean Hawker Stall Opened By Ex-Mediacorp Actress With Chicken Stew, Butter Scallops And More - 6/10



– Bulgogi beef was well marinated


– Most of the dishes were too sweet
– Bulgogi beef bowl was too dry

Recommended dishes: Bulgogi Beef Rice bowl ($6.80)

Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 9pm

Address: Block 57 Geylang Bahru, #01-3521,Singapore 330057

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