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Royal J’s Seafood: Fried Porridge And Royal Cheesy Prawns At Jalan Besar

22nd September 2016

Zi char just got upgraded

Update (4th April 2019): Royal J’s Seafood has permanently closed.


Zi charĀ is my go-to when it comes to communal dining because it means I get a good variety of dishes at an affordable price. But eatingĀ zi charĀ all the timeĀ gets boring because my family and I tend to order the same-oldĀ likeĀ sambal kangkongĀ andĀ hotplate tofu,Ā and Iā€™m pretty sure weā€™re not the only ones guilty of sticking to these.

If you’re looking to spiceĀ zi charĀ dinners up, then Royal J’s Seafood would be a good idea.Ā Located at Foch Road, Royal Jā€™s Seafood looks like a typical zi char store,Ā but they offer much more than that. Hidden in aĀ kopitiam, this stall whips up dishes Malaysian style, and it’s good for those who want something different.

Royal J's Seafood - Fried Porridge Hidden In Jalan Besar
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Royal J's Seafood - Fried Porridge Hidden In Jalan Besar

Fried Porridge at Royal J’s Seafood


If thereā€™s one thing you have to try at Royal J’s Seafood, it would definitely beĀ their signature Fried Porridge ($6 for 2 people). Think traditional lor mai fan in porridge form with a breath of wok hei.Ā 


Filled with diced yam, fried shallots, freshly chopped springĀ onions and pork lard, every spoonful of this gave me a familiar, homely feel. The pieces of pork lard inside were deep fried to perfection – super crispy without being greasy – and made a perfect garnish. Whoever said porridge is boring would swallow their words with this pot of scrumptious mush.


That being said, this got a littleĀ jelakĀ after a while.Ā As piquant as I’d like my food to be, it was too heavy for my palate and I got myself a bowl of white rice instead. I recommend having this as a side for sharing so you wouldnā€™t have to end up gulping water to cleanse your palate.

Dishes at Royal J’s Seafood


As for other zi charĀ dishes,Ā I went ahead with their specialĀ Royal Cheesy Prawns ($28). The moment this was served, I started swooning over the sizzling melted cheese drooped over Ā gigantic fresh prawns. The amount of cheese was generous and sweetness from the prawns added a unique mix of flavour to the savoury cheese.


ItĀ would have been much easier to eat the prawns if they were peeled and dunked into the melted cheese directly, Ā but then again, that might affect the sweetness of the prawns – talk about major #firstworldproblems.


Slathered with a unique blend of homemade soya sauce and oyster sauce, Tasty Fried Pork ($12) indeed lived up to its name. With a texture like sweet and sour pork, it was bursting with garlic fragrance and soya sauce flavour. This would go perfect with a bowl of rice, no wait, Ā maybe two.

The Verdict


Tucked in aĀ kopitiamĀ at Jalan Besar, Royal J’s Seafood is a good spot for dinner with friends or a casual family gathering. Even though the price is slightly higher than other zi char stalls, the dishes they serve are unique and tasty. For those who are sick of that same oldĀ cereal prawn, give this place a go next time.

This is an independent review with all expenses borne byĀ 

  • 7/10
    - 7/10


– Central location
– Unique zi char dishes

– May get crowded during peak hours
– Expensive for zi char

Recommended Dish: Fried Porridge ($6), Royal Cheesy Prawns ($28)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 11pm

Address: 30 Foch Road, #01-02, Singapore 209276

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