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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2024: 12 Stalls To Try For “Cigarette Box” Fries, Ondeh Churros And More

8th March 2024

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2024 food guide


The Ramadan bazaars are coming in hot this year, with Kampong Gelam Bazaar happening till 5 April, and Geylang Serai Bazaar open from now till 10 April. The latter sees a whopping total of 150 halal-friendly food stalls spread across the fair, so you definitely won’t leave hungry here. The fair runs from 10am to 12am daily, though opening timings might differ from stall to stall. Check out our guide below for some of the best food at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2024!

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1. Praffles by Fooditude


Praffles by Fooditude (Booth 147) has been making waves at the annual Geylang Serai Bazaar since their opening in 2019. Get their iconic prata waffles here, available in an assortment of sweet and savoury flavours. Highlights include the Chilli Crab Praffles ($16.90), featuring real crab chunks and chilli crab sauce, as well as their Gula Melaka Praffles ($11.90): packed with coconut ice cream, mochi, and gula melaka sauce. The toppings are held by a unique waffle and prata batter that’s crispy yet fluffy and slightly chewy.


While you’re here, don’t miss out on their range of fries. These are packed in a cute “cigarette box” that’s perfect for the gram. We enjoyed the Sour Ranch ($10) flavour, though there are Chilli Beef ($10) and Wasabi Mayo ($10) options, too.


2. Frank on Wheels 


For calorie-worthy Buldogis AKA fusion hotdogs, head to Frank on Wheels (Booth 31). Here you’ll find a wide range of flavours, from Dendeng Chilli Beef ($12.90), which features halal “bak kwa”, to Truffle Egg Mayo ($11.90).

There’s also Mentai-King ($12.90), starring an XL sausage, savoury turkey bacon bits, and a generous drizzle of mentaiko mayo. Get this if you’re a mentaiko fan! Besides hotdogs, Frank on Wheels also has Smokey Fries in similar flavours, such as Spicy Korean Fries with Turkey Bacon ($10.90) and Mac & Cheese Fries with Truffle Chicks ($11.90).


3. Thai Dessert House 


No food bazaar is complete without some Thai street snacks. Cue Thai Dessert House (Booth 141), which offers Thai Fried Banana, Mango Sticky Rice and more.


The fried bananas go for $4 for six pieces, and are fried on the spot, so you’re getting them piping hot! They feature a crispy batter and are said to boast a soft and sweet middle thanks to the banana. You won’t go wrong with these deep-fried snacks, especially if you’re a fan of goreng pisang.

4. Loco Loco 


Loco Loco (Booth 175) specialises in churros in a small range of flavours and toppings. Their Ondeh-Ondeh Churros ($6) are best paired with Gula Melaka, though you can opt for any of these dips instead: Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel.


Spiked with fragrant pandan, these freshly fried mini churros are crispy on the outside, giving way to a dense and cake-like batter. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Chilli Crab Churros ($6) instead! Those who like bandung will enjoy the Sakura Milk Tea ($4), a pink and milky drink with floral notes.


5. MrPaniPurii


MrPaniPurii (Booth 177) is said to be the first Muslim-owned pani puri store in Singapore.

geylang-serai-bazaar-pancakes (2)

They’ve got a unique Taco Puri ($8) that stars a thin and crispy shell stuffed with taco-flavoured ground meat. Each serving comes with six bite-sized pieces, so you can share them while you’re on the go. Don’t miss their halal-friendly Remedy Kombucha ($7), too. In case you didn’t know, Remedy is said to be the first halal-certified kombucha brand!


6. Taste of Indonesia

Mutton fans should not miss Taste of Indonesia (Booth 149); their all-new Gadomie Mutton ($8) is said to be “to die for”! This hearty dish starts Indomie topped with boneless mutton steak cubes that are marinated in a secret sauce and then fired on the grill upon order. Otherwise, they’ve got a whole array of classic Indonesian dishes to try, including Bakso Goreng and Ayam Bakar!


7. Meat My Meat 

Meat My Meat (Booth 172), previously located along Arab Street, rose to fame for their Muslim-friendly Philly cheesesteaks. Go for their classic Philly Cheesesteak ($10.90), featuring thinly sliced steak atop a brioche bun, packed with gooey cheese sauce. If you’re not a beef eater, they’ve got Chicago Chicken Steak ($9.90) and American Djon Hotdog ($7.90), too! Each sandwich comes with a side of fries, so it’s definitely filling enough as a meal.


8. Jom Lekor

jom lekor - geylang serai ramadan bazaar 2023

Jom Lekor is famous for their house-made Lekor, which are traditional Malay fish crackers. Chooose from seven flavours here, including Signature Sambal, Cheese Mayo, Samyang, and even Nutella! Each cup is priced at $7 with one sacuce of your choice, though there’s the option to add an extra sauce for $1. There’s also a Ramadan Special at $7.50 per cup that lets you pick from two flavours: Sour Cream & Onion and Seaweed.


9. Frites x Kream 


Frites and Kream have partnered to run a kiosk at this year’s bazaar—find them at Booth 153!


Get your fries and hotdog cravings sorted here; highlights include Frites’ signature Loaded Beef Fries ($10) in four flavours: Truffle, Mentaiko, Cheesy, Creamy Onion. You can also try Kream’s popular fusion coney dogs, with flavours such as Mentaiko Dog ($8) that’s topped with torched mentaiko mayo, as well as Tokyo Dog ($7), a spin on the classic takoyaki dish from Japan.

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10. Detako

takoyaki detako geylang serai bazaar

Detako (Booth 192) is a staple at any night bazaar. Here, you can look forward to their freshly made takoyaki in a variety of savoury flavors. You won’t go wrong with the Original ($6); else, there are wilder options such as Wasabi Mayo ($7) and Egg Mayo ($8) too! Besides tako balls, you can also try their Sushi Bakes, with flavours such as Spicy Tuna ($12) and Scallop Mentaiko ($15).


11. Alley


This year marks Alley‘s (Booth 146) 10th year in business! The kiosk specialises in Poffertjes AKA Dutch baby pancakes. Try their Nutella and Biscoff ($8): soft and fluffy mini pancakes generously drizzled with Nutella, topped with Biscoff crumbs.


They’ve also got S’mores Dip with Crackers ($5) that’s equally delicious. This snack is baked to order, so you get melted milk chocolate at the bottom, topped with scorched marshmallows that are gooey in the middle.

12. Ahae Taiyaki 

geylang-serai-bazaar-taiyaki (2)

Ahae Taiyaki (Booth 204) offers affordable taiyaki AKA Japanese fish-shaped pancakes at just $3 a pop.


The Muslim-friendly kiosk has a whole lineup of flavours to choose from, including Durian, Tako, Chocolate, Red Bean, and Hokkaido Milk. If you’re sharing with friends, get three pieces for $7 only!


Best food at Geylang Serai Bazaar 2024

Now that you know the best food to check out at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2024, go forth and check out the fair before 10 April! And don’t forget to jio your food buddies along so you get to try more dishes.


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