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Glyph Supply Co: New All White Cafe Found At Somerset For Minimalism Lovers

9th April 2019

Glyph Supply Co at 111 Somerset

Glyph Supply Co - Introduction Shot
Image credit: @cafesgp

For me, the perfect weekend is an afternoon spent lazing in a cafe. As rays of sunlight cascade into the shop and the enticing aroma of coffee perfumes the air, time itself comes to a standstill.

Understandably, most of my weekends are spent combing town for the latest cafes. And one of the hidden gems I recently discovered was Glyph Supply Co – a sleek cafe in 111 Somerset.

Glyph Supply Co - Environment shot
Image credit: @glyphsupplyco

Step inside the whitewashed interior of the cafe and you’re greeted by a wealth of natural lighting from the floor to ceiling windows. Personally, it is this minimalist decor that provides an ideal setting for you to cast your worries aside and focus on appreciating a cup of coffee.

Glyph Supply Co - Coffee Philosophy Shot
Image credit: @quarterlifecoffee

As the owner Ben explains, the white-centric interior is intended to mirror the cafe’s goal of “creat[ing] a blank canvas that allows anyone to take centre stage.” 

Glyph Supply Co - Coffee Closeup
Image credit: @brewateratio

Unlike other cafes which boast a litany of coffees, the selection here is pretty simple – White ($5.50), Black ($4.50) and Cold Brew ($6).

However, the type of roasts used are rotated on a seasonal basis. For instance, Glyph Supply Co recently featured Ethiopian Areka espressos from Project Origin – a green bean coffee organisation based in Australia.

Glyph Supply Co - Tea Closeup
Image credit: @glyphsupplyco

Tea aficionados have good reason to drop by the cafe as well, with the cafe offering a judicious selection of teas. The teas here are also rotated on a seasonal basis, so you’re always in for a surprise whenever you visit.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy some precious me-time at this coffee haven ASAP, before it gets crowded by other cafe hoppers.  

Glyph Supply Co - Lees Confectionery

If you are a fan of minimalist cafes, you must also check out Lee’s Confectionery, a neighbourhood cafe in Jurong serving aesthetic French pastries. Their Jiāo ($8) is a piece of art which features a pillowy banana sponge funked up with banana compote and mascarpone.

Lee’s Confectionery Review: Minimalist Jurong Cafe With Beautiful Desserts That Can Rival Janice Wong’s

Address: 111 Somerset Road, #01-06, 111 Somerset, Singapore 238164
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 7:30pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 7:30pm

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