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Hae! Prawn Claypot Review: XL Prawn Hotpot With Over 40 Ingredients In Bedok

27th June 2024

Hae! Prawn Claypot has XL prawn hotpot in Bedok


We’ve seen an influx of prawn claypot stalls popping up around various corners across Singapore recently, with the latest one to join the trend being Hae! Prawn Claypot. Located at Bedok Industrial Park, Hae! Prawn Claypot is impossible to miss with its bright orange sign and neatly stacked charcoal stoves at the front of the stall. 

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Food at Hae! Prawn Claypot


The Specialty Prawn Broth ($28.80), which can feed two to three diners, featured eight huge tiger prawns in a rich, aromatic broth. The prawns were extremely juicy and succulent, and my colleague and I appreciated how fresh they were, too. 


The broth is not to be ignored too—cooked by simmering prawn heads, prawn shells, and pork bones for hours, the result is an umami-infused broth that complements the natural sweetness of the prawns excellently. 

Hae! Prawn Claypot also offers two different soup bases on rotation—it is recommended that you start your meal with the prawn soup, and then add in the pork collagen soup if the broth begins to get too jelak. 


You can also add other ingredients to mimic a hot pot experience. My colleague and I chose to add on the signature prawn paste, signature marinated pork, and superior golden fungus, to name a few. 


Our favourite was definitely the Signature Prawn Paste ($10.80), which is hand-made daily to ensure ultimate freshness and deliciousness. It was plesantly chewy after being cooked, and the best part is that it also contains small pieces of prawn inside, resulting in a super satisfying bite! 


Another one of my favourites is the Signature Marinated Pork ($8.80), which was super tender after leaving it to boil for a while. The pork slice also absorbed the broth, giving it an extra umami flavour. 


The Superior Golden Fungus ($8.80) had three thumbs-up signs on the menu, meaning it is a popular choice amongst customers. Once cooked, it has a slightly slimy texture, similar to sea cucumbers—those who are fans of said ingredient may enjoy this!


If you’re here for big family gatherings, you can also try the stall’s version of Hokkien mee, the Hae! Noodles ($9.80). Served in a claypot, this dish comes with a generous portion of stir-fried yellow noodles and white vermicelli, pork belly, squid, eggs, crispy pork lard, as well as three gigantic prawns. 


We were instantly ‘wow-ed’ when we had our first bite—there was a strong smokey, wok hei flavour and sufficient zhup coating each strand of noodle, creating an explosion of flavours in our mouths. Our favourite part of the dish was the prawns, which were super fresh and juicy. 


The eatery also served fried side dishes for you to munch on while waiting for your ingredients to cook. We tried the Fried Golden Roll ($7) AKA hae zho and Fried Chicken Wings ($1.60 per piece), and we definitely recommend the former for its rich, prawn flavour and crispy texture. 


After you’re done eating, you can choose to top up $9.80 for a DIY Smores Kit. You’ll get a pack of marshmallows, some chocolates, as well as a few packs of crackers to DIY your smores. 

Ambience at Hae! Prawn Claypot


Hae! Prawn Claypot is situated at a food court within Bedok Industrial Park E, five bus stops away from Tanah Merah MRT Station. It has many tables of all sizes, perfect to accommodate large groups! The coffee shop is also quite clean and airy, so you don’t have to worry about the smell clinging to your clothes. The service here is also quite fast and efficient!

The verdict 

Although Hae! Prawn Claypot might be slightly inaccessible, I would still highly recommend coming here if you’re craving something rich in flavour. With their extensive menu, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

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Address: 3014 Bedok Industrial Park E, #01-2152, Singapore 489980
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 10pm
Tel:9859 5597
Hae! Prawn Claypot is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Hor Kia Ee
This was a media tasting at Hae! Prawn Claypot. 

Hae! Prawn Claypot Review: $28.80 XL Prawn Hotpot With Over 40 Ingredients At Bedok
  • 8/10
    Hae! Prawn Claypot Review: $28.80 XL Prawn Hotpot With Over 40 Ingredients At Bedok - 8/10


– Big portions
– Flavourful prawn broth
– Super extensive menu

– Out of the way

Recommended dishes: Specialty Prawn Broth ($28.80), Hae! Noodles ($9.80)

Opening hours:  Daily 12pm to 10pm

Address: 3014 Bedok Industrial Park E, #01-2152, Singapore 489980

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