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You Can Now Get These Award-Winning Lava Custard Mooncakes From HK In Singapore

5th September 2023

Get Hong Kong MX Mooncakes in Singapore

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong around Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll know of Hong Kong MX Mooncakes. 

hong kong mx mooncakes flatlay

The brand is renowned for their signature Lava Custard and Creamy Custard mooncakes, and has won several acclaimed awards for them. They’ve also been Hong Kong’s bestselling egg custard mooncakes for eight years in a row!

It’s easy to see why: the mooncakes Hong Kong MX offers aren’t just your usual snowskin or baked options, but something way more unique, without shirking tradition. For those looking to broaden your mooncake horizons this Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, we highly recommend getting your orders in from Hong Kong MX.

Though the brand hails from Hong Kong, you can now purchase them locally! Each item is still 100% made and imported from Hong Kong, so you’re getting the legit goods.

hong kong mx lava custard mooncakes

Their Lava Custard Mooncake is our all-time fave. This double-baked mooncake has a really unique texture and an oh-so-buttery crust. Within the mooncake, there’s a luscious egg yolk and coconut cream custard,  and a molten salted egg yolk centre.

hong kong mx mooncakes lava custard middle

Rich, creamy, salty, sweet—this is one flavour bomb sure to wow at your next Mid-Autumn Festival gathering. A box of eight is priced at $75.

line friends mooncakes

Those gifting mooncakes to families with young ones ought to get the limited edition LINE FRIENDS meets MX Radio Mooncake Giftbox.

This showstopping mooncake gift set comes in an affordable, collectable box shaped like an old-school radio that lights up too! 

line friends magnets

On the box, you get adorable fridge magnets designed to look like your favourite LINE FRIENDS characters: Brown, Corny, and Sally. Each set has four Creamy Custard mooncakes and is priced at just $48. This set is while stocks last, so fastest fingers first!

hong kong mx mooncakes singapore

Note that the Creamy Custard mooncakes are similar to the Lava Custard option, except the former comes without the lava egg yolk middle.

hong kong mx mooncakes Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk

We know mooncakes are rarely the most nutritious, and that might pose an issue for the health-conscious folks or the elderly in your life. Hong Kong MX has got you covered, though, with their Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk.

Priced at $72 for six pieces, these are made with sugar alcohol that have less calories than regular sugar. The reduced sugar count means you and your loved ones get to enjoy these mooncakes without the guilt, but you’re definitely not skimping on taste here. These mooncakes still feature a lush, not-too-sweet white lotus paste, balanced by the salted egg yolk.

These are just a handful of the Hong Kong MX Mooncakes range, so check out their website below to shop for more. Spend over $200 and enjoy free delivery; otherwise, a $15 delivery fee applies. You can also get a free gift when you spend above $100!

 Shop for Hong Kong MX mooncakes!

Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
This post was brought to you by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes.

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