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House of Seafood To Launch Insect Dishes, Add Crickets To Your Crabs Here

12th July 2023

House of Seafood to launch new insect dishes


If you thought the above picture was just your usual seafood spread, have a closer look. That’s right, those are actual insects on those dishes, and they are there by no accident. Popular Chinese restaurant House of Seafood is set to include bugs on their menu, which can be consumed with other popular dishes such as crabs and pork ribs.


The restaurant is currently awaiting approval from SFA to allow 16 species of insects to be sold as food, in what would be a historic move. Once that happens, you can expect critters such as Crickets, Mealworms, and Silkworm Pupae to be available at House of Seafood, so keep your eyes peeled!


Many of us, especially those who run for the hills at the sight of creepy crawlies, are probably wondering why this move is happening in the first place. The reasons for this are simple: insects are a great alternative source of protein, and the fact that they can be more efficiently farmed makes them a more sustainable option.


They go surprisingly well with House of Seafood’s dishes, too. Having superworms along with the Signature Salted Egg Crabs (seasonal price) may seem like a strange combination, but the superworms add a pleasant crunchiness—and even some umami—to the juicy and tender crab.


Having black crickets along with the Handmade Crispy Beancurd with Chef’s Special Sauce (from $18++) was also quite enjoyable. Once again, the bug’s pleasant crisp contrasted the soft tofu nicely, and it wasn’t offensive to the senses.

But don’t take my word for it—you can try it as soon as House of Seafood launches its insect items. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates.

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Address: 500 New Punggol Road, #01-01/02, The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828617
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 2pm, 5pm to 11pm
Tel: 6466 9000
House of Seafood is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Ke-ian J Leong.
This was a media tasting at House of Seafood.

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