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IKEA Singapore Has Legit Salted Egg Chicken Wings From Now To 31 December 2019

22nd October 2019

Salted egg chicken wings at IKEA

IKEA Salted Egg Chicken Wing - IKEA
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One of the few items served at IKEA’s food hall that I constantly head back for is their chicken wings. Just when I thought there was nothing I would change to those gloriously fried babies, IKEA proved me wrong with the newest item on their menu: Salted Egg Chicken Wings.

IKEA Salted Egg Chicken Wing - Intro Shot
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The OG chicken wings are $3.50 for a pair, but the Salted Egg Chicken Wings will set you back $9.50 for six pieces. Have a taste of these salted egg-drenched wings when you make a visit to IKEA to get Halloween or Christmas decorations, as they are available from now till 31 December 2019.

I wouldn’t wait so late to get my hands on them though. These wings are while stocks last and you know how us Singaporeans love our salted egg creations. 

IKEA Salted Egg Chicken Wing - Plate
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Even though they are not swimming in pools of yellow salted egg goodness, you won’t be disappointed by the taste. Potent salted egg yolk sauce coats most parts of the chicken wing, and this allows the chicken wings to retain most of the crunch from the thin batter. Crowned with chopped red chilli and curry leaves, each bite of chicken is elevated with spice and a tinge of nutty aroma. 

Good news for Easties and Westies: these bad boys are available at both the Alexandra and Tampines outlets. Even our neighbours at IKEA Malaysia are enjoying these special-edition wings as we speak. 

IKEA Salted Egg Chicken Wing - Chicken Briyani Set
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Don’t forget to check out their Deepavali specials including the Chicken Briyani Set ($5.50) and Yam Cake ($3.50), especially during the long public holiday weekend!

If the salted egg yolk is more than just a trend to you, add these salted egg yolk dishes such as salted egg mala xiang guo and tonkotsu ramen to your food haunts list. Alternatively, put your cooking skills to the test and try out this salted egg lava fried chicken recipe!

Featured image adapted from @dwh_wenhui.

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