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Isetan Omiyage Fair Has Tokyo-Famous Cereal Cookies, Musk Melon Jelly And More In Orchard

3rd August 2023

Isetan Omiyage Fair is back in Orchard from 4 to 17 August 2023


Hot on the heels of the Hanabi Matsuri fair just two months ago is yet another Japanese food fair, happening from 4 to 17 August 2023. The Isetan Omiyage Fair is back again this year for its summer edition, so you can get your hands on popular Japanese snacks that are great for gifting.

The summer-inspired fair will take place at Isetan Scotts Supermarket, located in the basement of the mall. Look forward to over 60 exclusive snacks from more than 20 brands, including 10 new ones that are making their debut at the fair this year.


In case you’re unaware, “omiyage” translates to “souvenir”. An omiyage refers to an edible souvenir that one gifts to friends, family, and colleagues upon returning from an overseas trip. The summer edition of the Isetan Omiyage Fair aims to bring in delicious snacks that are presentable enough as gifts for all sorts of occasions!


The Sugar Butter Sand Tree ($12.90) from Tokyo-famous brand Sugar Butter Tree is a highlight this year. You get five individually wrapped cookies, which are delicately crisp thanks to the unique mix of ingredients—rye, cereal, and fermented butter are used in the recipe. There’s also a thin layer of white chocolate in the middle for a rich and milky sweetness.


Another gift-worthy item is the iconic Meika Hiyoko ($19.90) from Honpo Yoshinodo, a brand originating from Fukuoka, Kyushu. This box comes with seven uber-cute chick-shaped cakes, individually packaged for easy consumption.


Each piece features a thin layer of dough with a creamy bean paste middle that’s reminiscent of mung bean paste—it’s sweet and dense with a tinge of savouriness.

omiyage fair-jellies

For something more refreshing, consider the assortment of fruit jellies by Sinjuku Takano, a heritage brand that dates back to 1885. They specialise in jellies made with real fruit, served in cute fruit-shaped cups.

isetan-omiyage-fair-jelly (2)

Splurge on the Musk Melon ($15.30), sweet and fragrant in each bite. The musk melon is said to be the king of fruits in Japan, so you won’t go wrong with this flavour!


If you’d like something more real instead, head to the Niigata Prefecture’s Agricultural Products section, where you’ll find a niche selection of premium veggies and fruits. The Golden Peaches are going for a special price of $35.90 (U.P. $39.90), and are perfect for impressing someone special.


Back to the snacks: matcha fans will definitely be pleased with Maiko No Cha‘s Matcha Ball Chocolate ($10.90). These chocolate balls are made with high-grade green tea, so they’re packed with an intense matcha flavour.


Otherwise, try the Matcha Gaufrette Cream Sand ($14.90 for five) by Kamakura Guro. These wafer-thin, crescent-shaped biscuits and light and crisp, with just the right amount of matcha-spiked cream in between.

isetan-omiyage-fair-brown sugar

Then, there’s also a great range of single-serve, ready-to-eat snacks by Sinjuku Nakamuraya, which has been around since 1901. Try their traditional desserts, including the Brown Sugar Warabi Mochi ($5.30) which boasts a rich depth of sweetness from the brown sugar.

omiyage fair-crackers

The Isetan Omiyage Fair will run from 4 to 17 August, from 10am to 9pm. Now’s your chance to try these popular snacks without having to hop on a plane to Japan!

For more food in the area, check out our Orchard food guide! Otherwise, visit Crazy Rich Thai Cafe at the nearby Paragon for Thai fusion fare.

Address: 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Singapore 238868
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 9pm
The Isetan Omiyage Fair is not a halal-certified event.

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Photos by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Isetan Omiyage Fair.

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