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25 Orchard Food Gems To Visit For Handmade Mee Hoon Kueh, Famous Warabimochi And More

28th June 2024

Best food in Orchard 

Meeting up with my friends in Orchard for a meal used to mean eating at Genki Sushi. But as the food writer among my group of friends, they started asking me for recommendations instead. If you’re always looking out for new places to dine on Singapore’s shopping belt, here’s our list of 25 Orchard food gems! 

P.S.: if you’re popping over to Somerset, we also have a 313@Somerset food guide, and a 111 Somerset food guide too.

1. New Station Snack Bar

new snack station
Image credit: @imsohhungry

Nothing seems to go wrong with salted egg yolk, and New Station Snack Bar does a smashing version of Salted Egg Pork Rice ($7). Redolent of curry leaves, the creamy and savoury sauce adds depth to the juicy fried chicken. Don’t worry about the dish being jelak, as the hints of chilli padi cut through the rich gravy with a fiery kick. If you aren’t a salted egg fan, they’ve also got a signature Marmite Chicken Rice ($6.50) and other zi char dishes.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-95, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 8:45pm
Tel: 6734 2862
New Station Snack Bar is not a halal-certified eatery. 

2. Da Shi Jia

Orchard Food - Da Shi Jia

Seafood white bee hoon is a dish most of us have heard of or tried at least once in our life. Da Shi Jia has changed the game by adding big prawns into white bee hoon that is simmered in prawn stock. For $18.80, you can get yourself a plate of their Wok-Fried Big Prawn White Bee Hoon.

Expect three fleshy and springy big prawns, drenched in a flavour-packed gravy that comes with strong wok hei. One more good thing is that you’re able to request a small dish of pork lard to give your white bee hoon an extra oomph.

Check out our Da Shi Jia review!

Address: 89 Killiney Road, Singapore 239534
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6732 1085
Da Shi Jia is not a halal-certified eatery.

3. Kebuke


Bubble tea fans, rejoice: Kebuke, a popular Taiwanese chain, has opened in Singapore! The new cafe is located at Taste Orchard, a mere five-minute walk from Somerset MRT Station. Prices are kept affordable, from just $2.90 for a medium cup of Peach Flavour Black Tea or Jasmine Green Tea. We also love their Biscoff Black Tea Latte ($5.60), a Singapore-exclusive drink comprising strong black tea, milk, and crunchy cookie butter.

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Address: 160 Orchard Road, #01-11/12, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Kebuke is not a halal-certified eatery.

Kebuke: Famous Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain Opens In Orchard With Drinks From $2.90

4. My Favourite Cafe

Orchard Food - My Favourite Cafe

While I seldom visit Lucky Plaza, that is not the case now with the discovery of My Favourite Cafe.

Have your own pick of ingredients for your bowl of yong tau foo, before you’re charged accordingly. One thoughtful gesture by the chefs is that they’ll put your deep-fried ingredients in a separate bowl to prevent them from turning soggy in the soup. Like most yong tau foo stalls, My Favourite Cafe offers both soup and dry versions. The fried meatballs and braised mushrooms are must-haves here! Prices start at $6.30 for six pieces of yong tao foo and noodles or rice.

Check out our My Favourite Cafe review!

Address: 304 Orchard Road, #06-046/047, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Opening hours: Daily 8:30am to 6pm
Tel: 6734 6935
My Favourite Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery.

My Favourite Cafe Review: Affordable And Tasty Yong Tau Foo At Orchard Road

5. Greenview Cafe


Another low-key eatery worth checking out in town is Greenview Cafe, a no-frills spot at Far East Plaza. Go straight for their best-selling Minced Pork Mee Hoon Kueh ($6.30), a flavourful mix of handmade mee hoon kueh, minced pork, and mushrooms. Alternatively, for a taste of something more unique, order their Fried Mee Hoon Kueh ($6.80): stir-fried noodles with a prominent charred fragrance. If you want something soupy, we recommend their Herbal Mee Hoon Kueh ($7.80), featuring a broth made with Chinese herbs.

Check out our Greenview Cafe review!

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #04-96, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:30am to 8pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 8pm
Tel: 6734 2312
Greenview Cafe is not a halal-certified eatery.

Greenview Cafe Review: Cheap Mee Hoon Kueh In Town With 30-Year History

6. Kim Dae Mun


Yet another lesser-known locale along Orchard Road, you may have walked past Concorde Hotel on your way to Plaza Singapura. Here lies Kim Dae Mun, an affordable Korean joint run by a whole family of Koreans!

Most items are under $16 nett, with hearty options such as Beancurd Soup ($10.50), Chives Pancake ($5), and Spicy Pork ($11.50). We recommend the former to seafood lovers; this sundubu jjigae comes with a generous amount of clams, squid, prawns and mussels in a flavourful soup. 

Read our Kim Dae Mun review.

Address: 100 Orchard Road, #01-03A, Concorde Hotel, Singapore 238840
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 8pm
Tel: 6737 6857
Kim Dae Mun is not a halal-certified eatery.

Kim Dae Mun Review: Korean Restaurant In Orchard With Mains Under $16 Nett

7. Nantsuttei


Although I’m a huge fan of ramen, I don’t eat it frequently as the prices at most popular ramen shops can easily go over my budget. When the cravings hit, however, Japanese ramen restaurant Nantsuttei saves the day with their affordable Nantsuttei Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90++). The broth at Nantsuttei is slightly darker and bears a strong garlic flavour. Even at such an affordable price, you can expect a decent portion of ramen with chashu.

Check out our Nantsuttei review!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #07-12/13, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am to 9:30pm, Sun 11am to 2:45pm, 5:30pm to 9pm
Tel: 6337 7166
Nantsuttei is not a halal-certified eatery. 

8. Pancakes and Friends


Adding to the list of hidden food gems in Orchard is Pancakes and Friends, a cosy cafe at Far East Plaza. Try their Hokkaido Milk Pancake ($12), where thick souffle pancakes are topped with house-made milk cream and museli, then served with Hokkaido milk gelato.  Besides pancakes, the cafe offers affordable bagel sandwiches too, in flavours such as Smoked Salmon Cheese ($8), packed with rocket leaves and smoked salmon slices.

Check out our Pancakes and Friends feature. 

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #01-34, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 9:30pm
Tel: 9759 5322
Pancakes And Friends is not a halal-certified eatery.

This Hidden Cafe At Far East Plaza Has Affordable Bagels And Souffle Pancakes

9. Oni Kimbap x O.BBa Jjajang Express


ICYMI: Oni Kimbap has a second outlet at Taste Orchard! This store is a partnership with O.BBa Jjajang Express, so you can pair your gimbap with jjajangmyeon and other street food. Order the Bulgogi Riceless Kimbap ($12.90), packed with thin layers of omelette, bulgogi pork, shredded veggies, and pickled radish. We also recommend their Chicken Jjajangmyeon ($11): Korean black bean noodles served with a deep-fried chicken leg.

Check out our Oni Kimbap feature!

Address: 160 Orchard Road, #01-13/14, Taste Orchard, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9pm
Oni Kimbap x O.BBa Jjajang Express is not a halal-certified eatery.

Oni Kimbap And O.BBa Jjajang Express Open In Orchard With Popular Korean Street Food

10. Eggslut Singapore

eggslut flatlay

The famous American egg sandwich specialist, Eggslut, first opened in Singapore end-2021, and since then, it has become a staple dining destination along the Orchard Road stretch. Queues have died down now, so you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on their famed sandwiches, including the Fairfax Sandwich ($12), made with cage-free scrambled eggs, chives, caramelised onions, cheddar, and Sriracha mayo. Have this alongside their Fresh Orange Juice ($5.50), a zesty, not-too-sweet cup of OJ.

Read our Eggslut review.

Address: 6 Scotts Road, #01-12, Scotts Square, Singapore 228209
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 8am to 8pm, Sat-Sun 8am to 9pm
Eggslut is not a halal-certified eatery.

Eggslut Singapore Review: Famous Loaded Egg Sandwich With Wagyu And More In Orchard

11. Mr Holmes Bakehouse


Mr Holmes Bakehouse is a must-visit if you enjoy cruffins or croissants. They first opened in San Francisco in 2014, and expanded to Singapore in July 2021. There are plenty of options here, from savoury sandwiches such as Grilled Cheese & Pesto ($12++) and Tuna Salad ($12++) to sweet treats including Pistachio Cruffin ($7++) and Maple Bacon Donut ($5.50++). You can enjoy the bakes with a cup of coffee or tea too; the cafe offers Matcha Latte ($7++), Mocha ($7++) and more.

Check out our Mr Holmes Bakehouse review!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #01-06, Orchardgateway, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 8am to 7pm, Fri-Sat 8am to 8pm
Tel: 6334 0308
Mr Holmes is not a halal-certified eatery.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Review: Peanut Butter Milkshake Cruffin, Lemon Meringue Pie Croissant And More In Orchard

12. Sen-ryo


Known for their affordable yet high-quality Japanese fare, Sen-ryo is a restaurant chain that first launched in Tochigo before expanding to Hong Kong and Singapore. They now have a second outlet at Suntec City! Y0u can enjoy delicious lunch bentos at wallet-friendly prices, including the Premium Bento ($25.80++), which includes an assortment of premium assorted items, miso soup, and rice. Otherwise, splurge on the Premium Sushi Set ($32.80++), served with chawanmushi, salad, and miso soup.

Check out our Sen-ryo review here!

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #03-14, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6974 6782
Sen-ryo is not a halal-certified eatery.

Sen-ryo Review: Famous Japanese Restaurant In ION, With Luxe Bentos From Just $15.80++

13. Seoul Bunsik 


For a quick and fuss-free meal in town, head to Seoul Bunsik, a fairly new casual eatery with legit Korean street snacks: think DIY ramyeon, gimbap and more. Here you get to choose from a huge selection of ramyeon flavours, and DIY ($7.80) with the automated induction cookers. It only takes five minutes for your ramyeon to be ready, and there are add-on options including cheese ($1) and egg ($1). Complement your noodles with Seoul Bunsik’s Original Gimbap ($13.80) for the ultimate comfort food pairing!

Read our Seoul Bunsik review.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #01-01, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11am to 9pm, Fri-Sat 11am to 10pm
Seoul Bunsik is not a halal-certified eatery.

This New Korean-Run Eatery Has Legit Street Food And DIY Ramyeon At Far East Plaza

14. Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill

orchard-food-guide-pistachio-mediterranean (1)

For some Middle Eastern fare, check out Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill in Wheelock Place. Kebab lovers will enjoy the Shish Taouk ($28++), which features grilled chicken cubes on a skewer, served with saffron rice and salad. Patrons can add on the Homemade Harissa Chilli Sauce at an additional $2++. 

The restaurant’s signature Sultan’s Delight ($42++) is also worth a shot. This classic Ottoman dish stars tender lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes and thyme in a stew, and is accompanied by smoky eggplant with cheese. 

Address: 501 Orchard Road, #02-04/05, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9:30pm
Tel: 6262 6400
Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill is a halal-certified eatery.

15. Ingen Kyoto


Ingen Kyoto is a dessert bar started by the team behind Hvala. The cosy yet upscale cafe, inspired by the teahouses in Kyoto, offers an eight-course dessert omakase at $88 per person. This set comes with dainty Japanese desserts made with French confectionery techniques by pastry Chef Lee Jetyii. If you’re not up for the omakase, they also offer an extensive menu with over 70 types of tea to choose from, so you can relax and unwind after a day of shopping.

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Address: 2 Orchard Turn, B3-15/16, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Ingen Kyoto is not a halal-certified eatery.

Ingen Kyoto: French-Japanese Dessert Omakase Cafe At ION Orchard By Hvala Owners

16. Warabimochi Kamakura 


Warabimochi Kamakura, another Taste Orchard gem, specialises in Japan-famous warabimochi. These soft and stretchy treats are made with a secret recipe, resulting in a smoother, silkier, and lighter texture. Try it as is in a 2-Piece Cup ($3.90) or with Ice Cream ($5.90), or go for their mochi-infused drinks. The latter comes in flavours such as Tenku no Hojicha (from $5.90), and Asakawa-en Matcha (from $5.90): made with ceremonial-grade green tea powder.

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Address: Taste Orchard, 160 Orchard Road, #01-02, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9:30pm
Warabimochi Kamakura is not a halal-certified eatery.

Warabimochi Kamakura To Open In Orchard On 9 April With Japan-Famous Desserts

17. French Fold


After opening their first outlet at Telok Ayer, French Fold brings their crepes and galettes to their second outlet, which is located in Orchard. You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice dining here, as they have over 20 items on the menu. For classics, go for the No. 4 ($19++), which has sauteed mushrooms, ham, Comte, and a sunny-side-up. If you’re into desserts, get their No. 20 ($9++), made with French butter and sprinkled with brown sugar and lemon zest.

Check out our French Fold review!

Address: 390 Orchard Road, #01-02, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 11pm
French Fold is not a halal-certified eatery

18. TAG Espresso

TAG espresso cafe pork belly

Homegrown coffee brand TAG Espresso has opened a botanical-themed cafe on the second floor of Ngee Ann City. Here, you can get a variety of their barista-brewed beverages, including unique takes on lattes. Their Kaya Pandan Latte ($9.10-++), for instance, is a signature drink made with a layer of pandan essence, and a slick of kaya atop. The cafe also offers a substantial selection of bites, including rice bowls, pasta dishes, and classic mains such as Fish and Chips ($23++). For more eateries in the mall, check out our Takashimaya food hall guide.

Check out our TAG Espresso review.

Address: 391 Orchard Road, #02-11, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 8pm
Tel: 6908 2374
TAG Espresso is not a halal-certified eatery.

TAG Espresso: New Orchard Cafe With Kaya Latte, Har Cheong Pork Belly And More

19. Seoul Restaurant

seoul restaurant orchard
Image credit: Seoul Restaurant

Seoul Restaurant is an under-the-radar Korean restaurant in Conrad Singapore Orchard that offers a value-for-money lunch buffet at just $49++ per person. If you don’t mind paying a little more, top up $10++ for unlimited servings of Chadolbagi (beef brisket), Galbisal (boneless beef short rib), L.A Galbi (marinated bone-in beef short rib in seasoned soy sauce), and Yangnyeom Galbisal (marinated boneless beef short rib in seasoned soy sauce). The K-BBQ buffet also includes unlimited servings of pork!

Check out our Seoul Restaurant feature.

Address: 1 Cuscaden Road, #03-02, Conrad Singapore, Singapore 249715
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10:30pm
Tel: 6338 8548
Seoul Restaurant is not a halal-certified eatery.

Seoul Restaurant Has K-BBQ Buffet From $49++ In Orchard

20. Kra Pow Thai Restaurant 

mage credit: @limkohpi

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant is where you can find affordable and tasty Thai food. They are best known for their Minced Pork Drunkard Noodle ($10+), which features stir-fried flat rice noodles with chunks of pork, basil, and Thai bird’s eye chilli. This dish is said to pack a punch, so if you can’t handle spice, we recommend going for the Chicken Chunk Thai Style Fried Rice ($9+) instead. Alternatively, the Crackling Pork Belly ($19.90+) comes highly recommended, as it stars crispy skin with thick, fatty layers of pork. Do note that there are limited portions of this dish served daily.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #03-26/27, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228123
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9:30pm
Tel: 6734 1946
Kra Pow Thai Restaurant is not a halal-certified eatery. 

21. Puncak Best Noodles 

Image credit:

For my fellow Muslim friends who would like to try Chinese cuisine, check out Puncak Best Noodles. This casual eatery has been open for several years, and many patrons claim that they have the cheapest and best halal noodles in Singapore—just as their name suggests. 

A must-try dish is the Honey Dew Chicken Noodle ($7), which we recommend accompanying a side of Fried Wanton for $7. Besides noodles, you can also try the Claypot Rice, which comes in either seafood, chicken, or beef options from $8 onwards.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-94, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Wed-Fri, Sun-Mon 11:30am to 9pm, Sat 11:30am to 9:30pm
Tel: 6738 4348
Puncak Best Noodles is a halal-certified eatery. 

22. Morinaga Izakaya

morinaga izakaya restaurant flatlay

Morinaga Izakaya is a underrated Japanese eatery at the basement of Midpoint Orchard, which is directly opposite 313 Somerset and Somerset MRT Station. Regulars love their Truffle Somen ($14++), served cold and loaded with ikura. There’s also the Mentai Mayo Omelette ($11++), which features dashi-infused tamagoyaki topped with creamy mentaiko mayo. The dishes are said to pair well with drinks, so get a Highball (from $9++) while you’re there!

Read 0ur Morinaga Izakaya review!

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #B2-06, Singapore 238858
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 8pm, Sat-Sun 12pm to 8pm
Tel: 9684 3412
Gyu Nami is not a halal-certified eatery. 

This Hidden Izakaya Has Legit Truffle Somen, Mentaiko Tamagoyaki And More In Orchard

23. Surrey Hills Grocer

surrey hills grocer ion truffle fries

Surrey Hills Grocer, a popular Australian-style cafe, opened their ION Orchard outlet late last year. The cafe offers a wide selection of dishes beyond the usual brunch staples, including plated mains, fresh doughnuts, and artisanal cocktails. We recommend starting your meal with the Triple Truffle Fries ($19++), a levelled-up take on the popular appetiser with truffle aioli on the side. We’re also fans of the hearty Roast Chicken with Grapes and Pepper Jus ($36++), with an extra-creamy potato puree that’s as indulgent as it is comforting.

Read our Surrey Hills Grocer review.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #05-02, ION Orchard, Singapore 237973
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Tel: 8801 6427
Surrey Hills Grocer is not a halal-certified eatery.

Surrey Hills Grocer: Popular Cafe With Cereal-Crusted French Toast And More In Orchard

24. NBCB

NBCB katong double cheeseburger

The cheekily named NBCB, which stands for “Nothing But Cheese Burgers”,  offers affordable burgs and sides in the heart of Orchard Road. Burgers are priced from just $8.90, though their most popular item, the DCB ($15.90) is worth splurging on—thanks to its generous size, you really get your money’s worth. Add on their Kantang Of The Day With Truffle Mayo Dip ($7.90), where skin-on fries come served piping hot with a side of truffle mayo. The laidback diner also offers milkshakes in local flavours, from Pandan Coconut to Horlicks, for $6.

Read our NBCB review!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-23, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9pm
NBCB is not a halal-certified eatery.

NBCB Review: $8.90 Brioche Burgers, Horlicks Milkshake And More In Katong

25. Ju Xing Home 

ju xing home - flatlay

Tucked in Basement 2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre is Ju Xing Home, a Michelin-approved restaurant from Hong Kong. They offer sharing-worthy dishes, which are perfect for dining with the fam. A must-try is their Supreme Soy Sauce Fried Noodles (from $18.80++), which is smoky and full of wok hei. There’s also the classic Sweet and Sour Pork (from $16.80++), where deep-fried prime ribs are coated in a sticky-sweet, hawthorn-infused sauce.

If you’re here for high tea, they also offer an affordable afternoon tea at just $21.80++ for two diners.

Check out our Ju Xing Home review!

Address: 391 Orchard Road, B2-36A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 9666 1357
Ju Xing Home is not a halal-certified eatery

Ju Xing Home Review: Famous Hong Kong Zi Char Restaurant Opens In Orchard

Where to eat in Orchard

If your friends ever pass you the baton to choose a place for dinner in town, this list will help you sort the meal out.

For more ideas on where to eat in Orchard, check out our ION Orchard food guide, our Plaza Singapura food guide, and our Orchard Gateway food guide.

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