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Kebuke: Famous Taiwanese Bubble Tea Chain Opens In Orchard With Drinks From $2.90

13th June 2024

Kebuke opens in Singapore with famous Taiwanese bubble tea


Taste Orchard appears to be an up-and-coming food destination, with Warabimochi Kamakura, BHC Chicken, and now Kebuke setting up shop there. The latter, a famous Taiwanese bubble tea chain, is the newest addition to the mall.


If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the brand has over 200 stores in Taiwan! This opening marks their first venture into the Singaporean market.


There’s also a casual dine-in space with power plugs for you to unwind and enjoy your bubble tea.


A brand representative tells us that the menu here is around 80% similar to the Taiwanese outlets. Some ingredients are different too; for example, the black tea used in this SG outpost is sourced from Sri Lanka instead of Taiwan.


Prices seem fairly affordable, especially for a dine-in cafe in town. You’re paying $2.90 for a medium cup of Peach Flavour Black Tea and Jasmine Green Tea, while the Signature Black Tea and Rice Oolong Tea cost $3.20 each.

kebuke-singapore-peach-lemonThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

Order the Honey Peach Black Tea with Fresh Lemon ($4.30) for a refreshing beverage on a hot afternoon. Here, you get fragrant peach-flavoured tea paired with slices of lemon and sweet honey.

They also have a special Proton Fruit Tea range, where fresh fruit is frozen into ice cubes, and then added to your drink. This results in a more intense, concentrated flavour that doesn’t dilute even when the ice melts!

kebuke-singapore-protonThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

The Singapore-exclusive Jasmine Green Tea Latte with Proton Strawberry ($6.30) is another delicious pick on a hot day. This creamy yet light tea latte with the sweet strawberry cubes is a match made in heaven.

kebuke-singapore-jasmine-green-tea-latte-with-proton-mangoThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

Another Singapore-exclusive is the Jasmine Green Tea with Proton Mango ($5.80). This mango-packed beverage comes with lots of toppings, including fresh mango bits, mango jelly, and mango puree.

kebuke-singapore-grapefruit-jasmine-green-teaThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

I also recommend the Grapefruit Jasmine Green Tea ($4.50) as a fruity thirst quencher. I appreciated that this drink, which came with a pretty pink layer, wasnโ€™t too bitter or sour, and there was a lovely balance of flavours from the citrus and tea.

kebuke-singapore-biscoff-black-tea-latteThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

If milk tea is your go-to bubble tea order, give their Biscoff Black Tea Latte ($5.60) a shot.ย 


This was my favourite drink out of the three; here you get strong black tea mixed with milk, between layers of crunchy Biscoff AKA cookie butter. This drink is exclusive to Singapore too!

kebuke-singapore-brown-sugar-peal-black-tea-latteThis drink is labelled Nutri-Grade C.

Alternatively, stick to the classic Brown Sugar Pearl Black Tea Latte ($5.70) featuring a beautiful contrast between brown sugar syrup and creamy milk tea. You can also opt for other toppings such as Coconut Jelly ($1) or Agar Pearl ($1) if youโ€™re not a fan of boba!

Kebuke is tucked at the end of Taste Orchard, a three-minute walk from Somerset MRT Station.

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Address: 160 Orchard Road, #01-11/12, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Kebuke is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
This was a media tasting at Kebuke.

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