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Oni Kimbap And O.BBa Jjajang Express Open In Orchard With Popular Korean Street Food

6th May 2024

Oni Kimbap x O.BBa Jjajang Express opens in Orchard


Oni Kimbap was a home-based business for quite some time before opening their brick-and-mortar stores. Personally, I have been following them on their Instagram page but never got the chance to make a pre-order or visit their first outlet at Aperia Mall. Now that they have opened a second outlet at Taste Orchard, I can drop by anytime Iโ€™m in town!

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I was most excited about their famous Bulgogi Riceless Kimbap ($12.90). This roll replaces the rice in gimbap with thin layers of omelette. Itโ€™s also packed with juicy, peppery bulgogi pork, followed by shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, and danmuji AKA yellow pickled radish.


If you prefer carbs, their Kani Rice Kimbap ($9.90) is a must-try. Itโ€™s said to be a lunch favourite among the office ladies who work nearby, so we got one to see what the hype was about. The office ladies were rightโ€”we loved the textural contrast between the soft crab salad and the crunchy vegetables.


They also serve Jjolmyeon (from $5.90): chilled noodles piled with tons of vegetables, four plump pieces of prawn, and a spicy sauce on the side that you can mix however much according to your spice tolerance level! If you’re looking for a light lunch, this one is for you.


The store is a collaboration with O.BBa Jjajang Express, which means you can pair your gimbap with their iconic jjajangmyeon and a variety of Korean street food here. This includes the Chicken Jjajangmyeon ($11), which comes with a super crispy and juicy piece of fried chicken leg. You can get the OBBA Corn Dog ($4) too, which makes for a great snack to have on the go.

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Address: 160 Orchard Road, #01-13/14, Taste Orchard, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9pm
Oni Kimbap x O.BBa Jjajang Express is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at Oni Kimbap x O.BBa Jjajang Express.

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