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JIN Kimchi Express To Open In Tampines With Korean Food Under $10

15th December 2023

JIN Kimchi Express to open Tampines outlet in Jan 2024


Earlier this year, we went down to JIN Kimchi Expressflagship outlet in Fernvale to try their authentic and wallet-friendly Korean fare. The last time we visited, they had two outlets across the country. Currently, there are four branches with two upcoming ones in Tampines and Bukit Panjang! Their Tampines outlet is slated to open on 15 January 2024, while the Bukit Panjang branch will open at Greenridge Shopping Centre in mid-December 2023. 

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JIN Kimchi Express doubles as an online banchan store. And even better, their side dishes are made in-house. There’s a good selection to choose from, including Soy Marinated Crabs ($38.80), Perilla Leaf Kimchi ($14.80), and Radish Kimchi ($12.90). A lot of time and effort is required to make these side dishes from scratch, so show them some support if you’ve been on the lookout for legit Korean banchan.


For starters, try their bestseller, Kimchi Pancake with Squid ($6.80). The combination of fresh squid, crispy pancake, and a slightly charred flavour makes this snack extra moreish. We recommend enjoying this as an appetiser instead of having it as a main dish!


The perfect dish to have in Singapore—where it’s summer all year round—is their Icy Mul Naengmyeon ($8.80). You get a generous portion of buckwheat noodles, pickled white radish, shredded cucumber, and half a boiled egg submerged in an icy cold beef-based broth. Don’t be surprised if you find ice cubes in the broth—they keep the soup extra cold!


Hear it from a local: my favourite way to enjoy naengmyeon is by pairing it with pork meat. There’s the option of adding Grilled Pork ($2.50) here, so we recommend paying extra to have the best cold buckwheat noods experience.


If you prefer rice to noods, opt for their Kimchi Fried Rice ($6) instead. Pay an additional $1 to zhng up your meal by getting a slice of cheese! You can also substantiate your meal by adding sausages for the price of $1.50. Else, the Kimchi Fried Rice topped with a fried egg and shredded seaweed makes for a hearty meal to get your day going. 


If you can’t get enough of kimchi, there’s the Jin Signature Kimchi Stew Set ($6) served with kimchi stew, a bowl of rice, and two sides of their house-made kimchi. 

Easties can look forward to their opening at 878 Tampines on 15 January 2024! We encourage you to visit their Instagram page for the latest updates. 

For more affordable Korean food in Singapore, read our Wooga Jjajang review, where we tried a 60-year-old jjajangmyeon recipe at Old Airport Road. Alternatively, head down to Sangwoo Street in Yishun for mains under $10! 

Full list of outlets | Website
JIN Kimchi Express is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Tan Jia Hui.

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