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Kim Peng Hiang: Old-School Bak Kwa Seller That Has Been Around Since The 1930s

30th December 2022

Kim Peng Hiang for old-school bak kwa at Kembangan

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Few things in life can match the satisfaction of biting into savoury, delightfully charred, and slightly greasy pieces of bak kwa. Arguably one of the most popular bak kwa names in the business, Kim Peng Hiang is a family-run stall that’s famous for their legendary queues that stretch up to eight hours during the Chinese New Year period.

Having been around since the 1930s, Kim Peng Hiang was previously located at the now-defunct Pearls Centre in Chinatown before moving to the row of shophouses along Changi Road, where they remain at to this day. It is a five-minute walk from Kembangan MRT Station.

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Despite their popularity, Kim Peng Hiang does not take online orders, and customers are required to queue in person to get their hands on the yummy bak kwa. The shop also does not have a dedicated Facebook page or website, which makes it difficult to predict when they’re open for orders.

Typically, the stall puts out a notice at their shop days before pre-orders start. Ordering begins at approximately 11:30am, and customers are limited to a purchase of 3kg per person. Upon making payment via cash, you can collect your bak kwa between 2pm and 8pm the following day.

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Kim Peng Hiang fixes their bak kwa prices throughout the year, so you won’t need to worry about inflated prices during the festive season. This also means that they don’t offer discounts on regular days either.

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Kim Peng Hiang’s most famous bak kwa is the Pineapple BBQ Pork ($26 for 500g), featuring slivers of pineapple embedded into the umami pork jerky. It’s said to taste similar to pulled pork and pineapple pizza due to the unique combination of sweet, savoury, and tangy flavours.

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The bak kwa here is also made using sliced pork instead of minced pork—which usually crumbles and breaks apart easier—resulting in it being slightly chewy and more tender.

If pineapple bak kwa does not tickle your fancy, go for the classic Sliced Royal Pork ($24 for 500g) instead for a more familiar taste. The bak kwa sports a thicker cut compared to those from other stores and has a subtle smoky aftertaste.

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Address: 465 Changi Road, Singapore 419886
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 6:30pm
Tel: 6742 6853
Kim Peng Hiang is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @a.sp00nful and @ahxuncorner

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