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KOI’s Limited Edition Gradient Matcha Latte Is Coming To Singapore

5th May 2017

Koi’s Limited Edition Matcha Latte Makes Singapore Debut


If you decide which stalls to buy food from by the length of their queues, then you’ll know KOI Thé’s new Matcha Latte must be good stuff – this limited edition drink has been sold out repeatedly in Taiwan since its release.


KOI Thé, which operates under the brand 50 (50 Lan) in Taiwan, will be bringing this drink to Singapore so we’ll soon get to see what the hype is about. The drink has matcha green tea poured over milk to create a cool layered look. If you’re ordering one for the ‘gram, be sure to get the iced version for a full gradient effect.


The matcha part of this latte is made with matcha powder imported from Japan and is only available in limited quantities. We don’t quite know when the drink will actually be released, or which outlets will be releasing the drink. All we can do for now is to stay tuned to KOI’s Facebook page for details on the drink’s release so you can get your hands on a cup fast, or risk living with FOMO until it’s restocked.

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