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Krispy Kreme Has New Glazed Donuts With Salted Egg Lava Filling

10th September 2019

Salted egg donuts at Krispy Kreme

Kripsy Kreme - Salted Egg Lava Centre
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If you think the salted egg yolk trend was over, you’re wrong. It never left us. For the past few days, Krispy Kreme outlets islandwide have been doling out trays of their new Salted Egg Original Glazed donuts.

Available for a limited time, these sweet and salty babies are going at $3.30 a pop. Those who find themselves hankering for more can get them at $29.50 for a box of 12

Kripsy Kreme - Salted Egg Original Glazed
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Krispy Kreme is known for their simple but iconic Original Glazed rings, but this familiar classic has been given extra complexity and a Singaporean flair with some “Magic in the Middle”. These Salted Egg Original Glazed donuts are a definite level up. From the outside, it doesn’t look much different from the Original Glazed—the OG—but don’t let this fool ya!

Kripsy Kreme - Box of 12
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Make desserts great again by adding a pinch of salt, or make it even greater by adding a salty, lava centre. The salted egg yolk filling in the middle adds not only a depth of flavour to the otherwise predominantly sweet Original Glazed donut, but it also adds a delectably sticky texture.

The donuts are said to run out early, so make haste!

If you’re a die-hard SEY fan, check out these delectable salted egg yolk dishes such as salted egg mala xiang guo and salted egg tonkotsu ramen! Home cooks can also try their hand at this simple 9-step salted egg lava fried chicken recipe, which will 100% impress your guests when you have them over for dinner.

Featured image adapted from @wishuponatart.

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