18 Kueh Delivery Options To Enjoy Traditional Handmade Snacks From Home
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18 Kueh Delivery Options To Enjoy Traditional Handmade Snacks From Home

21st May 2021

Try these kueh delivery options for a taste of tradition

Be it Teochew, Nonya, Hainanese, or Malay kueh, these traditional bite-sized snacks are always a joy to eat. With that, we’ve compiled a list of handmade kueh delivery services, including halal options, home-based businesses, traditional confectioneries, as well as places offering kueh platters for special occasions.

From traditional confectioneries

1. One Kueh At A Time

kueh delivery - one kueh at a time
Image credit: @greedygirlgourmet

Local gourmands and celebrity chefs have raved about the Teochew-style soon kueh sold at One Kueh At A Time. Each hand-stuffed kueh is wrapped in a delicate, silky rice flour skin. Purists can opt for the Classic ($9.60 for six pieces) soon kueh, filled with juicy shreds of radish. Meanwhile, the more adventurous can consider contemporary flavours such as the smoky Bak Kwa ($15 for six pieces) and punchy Haebi Hiam ($15 for six pieces). You can even purchase the frozen versions, if you’d like to enjoy them freshly steamed at home. 

One Kueh At A Time order form

2. Ji Xiang Confectionery

Image credit: @dropthebread

Situated in Everton Park is Ji Xiang Confectionery, an old-school confectionery that still makes all their ang ku kueh by hand. They started out with only two kueh flavours, the classic Peanut ($1) and Sweet Bean Paste ($1), but quickly branched out to many other flavours including Salted Bean ($1), Corn ($1) and Yam ($1). To order, simply contact them at 9888 8500 or 9270 0510.

3. Molly’s Nonya Kueh

kueh delivery - molly's
Image credit: @xp11

Molly’s Nonya Kueh began operating at Simon Road in 1983 before moving to Hougang in 1992, and the 38-year-old stall has been selling traditional kueh there since. The old-school confectionery has over 80 items on their menu, ranging from sweet Banana Cake ($1) to the classic Kueh Lapis ($0.70).

Delivery charges start from $10, with a minimum order of $50. This fee is waived for orders that exceed $100! To get your orders fulfilled by a specific date, place them at least three days in advance.

Molly’s Nonya Kueh order form

4. Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh

Image credit: @thefoodchapter

Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh is a family business embedded with history, as the recipes and skills behind their traditional pieces have been passed down for generations. Their plump Soon Kueh ($1.50) are stuffed with bamboo shoots, turnips, carrots, minced mushrooms, and fried hae bee. There’s also the Yam Kueh ($1.50), which features luscious bits of pumpkin and yam. Here, their kueh delivery fees and minimum order amounts vary based on your location.

Ah Yee’s Soon Kueh order form

5. Yoon’s Traditional Teochew Kueh

kueh delivery - yoon's
Image credit: @yoonstraditionalteochewkueh

Though they’ve had many years of kueh-making experience under their belt, Yoon’s Traditional Teochew Kueh only kicked off their online business in 2016. Despite being sold on an online platform, the Teochew kueh made by the owner, Qara Yoon, and her mother are definitely rooted in their traditions. 

They sell over eight types of kueh including fan-favourite Png Kueh ($20 for 10 pieces), and a rare Cikak Kueh Dainty ($20 for 10 pieces), essentially a Teochew version of ang ku kueh. If you’d like a mix of everything, get the Yoon’s Assortment Box ($18) which has a selection of six kueh flavours. Delivery is charged at a flat fee of $5, though availability of delivery dates vary for different zones in the country.

Yoon’s Traditional Teochew Kueh order form

6. Poh Cheu Kitchen

Image credit: @ieatyouread

Poh Cheu Kitchen was started up by a couple in the ‘80s, and has gone on to become Singapore’s first ang ku kueh shop with a Michelin Plate under their belt. Their Ang Kueh Kueh ($12) comes in a box of 10, with flavours such as yam, red bean, and black sesame. Apart from these sweet treats, they also have other traditional kueh such as the Ku Cai Kueh ($11) and even the Hakka Abacus (from $2.50). Here, the delivery fee is $21.40, with a minimum order of $30.

Poh Cheu Kitchen order form

7. Queensway Lau Tan Tutu Kueh

kueh delivery - tutu kueh
Image credit: @minakoi

Queensway Lau Tan Tutu Kueh has been around since the ‘80s, with three generations involved in the family business. Their traditional tutu kueh are said to be pillowy soft, with five flavours to choose from. These include the Coconut Tutu Kueh ($12 for 12 pieces), a favourite amongst purists. There’s also the Chocolate Tutu Kueh ($14 for 12 pieces), which makes for a more decadent treat. These are available on the food delivery apps GrabFood and Foodpanda.

From home-based businesses

8. House of Kueh

Image credit: @chiaraang

The soon kueh at House Of Kueh is said to have a generous filling to skin ratio, with interesting flavours such as the Kimchi With Pork Soon Kueh ($16 for six pieces), a savoury-tangy affair. For a pop of colour, there’s the Spinach Skin Bamboo Shoot With Pork Soon Kueh ($15 for 6 pieces), wrapped in a delicate, green-hued spinach skin ($15 for six pieces) flavour which is filled with bamboo shoots, black fungus, and minced pork. Here, islandwide delivery is charged at a flat fee of $8. 

House Of Kueh order form

9. Bluepea.sg

kueh delivery - bluepea
Image credit: @bluepea.sg

Bluepea.sg is a humble home-based business that sells only one item: kueh salat. Here, the emblematic blue tinge of their Square Kueh Salat (from $28) is derived from handpicked blue pea flowers they grow at home. Even the kaya custard here is made with hand-harvested pandan leaves. 

Bluepea.sg has a flat delivery fee of $4, and you’ll need to place orders at least two days in advance.

Bluepea.sg order form

10. Whatkueh

Image credit: @whatkueh

Every kueh and pie at Whatkueh is sold in whole portions, at $60 each. This price includes the delivery fee. Apart from the usual Pandan Kueh Salat, this IG store also offers Gula Melaka Kueh Salat, which is said to be fragrant without being overly sweet. Another noteworthy creation would be the Pulut Inti, a wreath of blue pea-stained rice, topped with generous lashings of coconut that’s been fried with gula melaka. Keep a lookout on their Instagram page for delivery slots, which are only available on the weekend. After which, you can drop them a DM to place your order.

11. Jiak Ho Liao SG

kueh delivery - jiak ho liao
Image credit: @thequirkyfoodie

Jiak Ho Liao SG may have just opened this year, but I’ve already heard many good things about them. Their Soon Kueh ($1.20) is packed with mushrooms, turnip shreds, bamboo shots, and dried shrimp, all encased within a thin, delicate wrapper. What’s noteworthy is that this store sells Yam Cake ($16) and Pumpkin Cake ($18) too, which come generously topped with fried shallots, spring onions, and cut chillies. 

Do note that there’s a minimum order of $25. The delivery fee is also charged at a flat rate of $5, though it’ll be waived for orders above $50. Orders open every Friday and Saturday! Simply DM them on their Instagram page or Whatsapp 9735 4119 to place your order.

12. So Lapisly Good

Image credit: @solapislygood

So Lapisly Good specialises in traditional yam and pumpkin kueh, using a family recipe that’s been passed down for three generations. These are said to be immensely flavourful, with dashes of spice and umami from the hae bee hiam toppings. You can get their scrumptious kueh in slabs for $15 each, or whole cakes for $50 each. Delivery costs $8 here, and this fee is waived for orders above $60.

So Lapisly Good order form

Halal options

13. Rainbow Lapis

kueh delivery - rainbow lapis sg
Image credit: @ziq_

The vast array of colourful kueh sold at Rainbow Lapis is impressive, and they churn them out with admirable consistency and quality as well. For a sample of their classics, go for the Happy Box ($11) featuring rainbow lapis, dona manis, ang ku kueh and more. They also offer a selection of kueh lapis, painstakingly crafted layer by layer. For a pop of blue, consider the Butterfly Pea Lapis ($40), that is buttery and best paired with a cup of tea. Do note that there’s a minimum order of $30 and delivery fees vary depending on location.

Rainbow Lapis order form

14. Ratu Lemper

Image credit: @ratulemper

Selling sweet and chewy kueh, multi-layered lapis cakes, and their signature sticky rice snack, Ratu Lemper has a great selection of traditional Malay treats. For something sweet, the Onde Onde ($3.60) is a hot pick, bursting with gula melaka-flavoured explosions in your mouth. There’s also the Lapis Sagu ($3.60), aka kueh lapis, stacked in vibrant layers of colour.

There’s a standard delivery fee of $8 for their kueh, though if you have a specific time request, this fee varies between $15 to $40. They recommend pre-ordering at least five days in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Ratu Lemper order form

15. Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery

kueh delivery - lek lim
Image credit: @eatsnapsg

With a whopping 53 years of history behind their name, Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery serves a comprehensive array of sweet and savoury kueh, traditional fried snacks, glutinous rice dumplings, buttery CNY cookies, and even baked pastries. Crowd favourites include their red-hued Ang Tou Kueh ($0.75) and rainbow-coloured Kueh Lapis ($0.85 for two pieces).

They have fixed delivery charges of $20 and $40 for different districts, and orders will have to be made at least three days in advance. 

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery order form

Kueh platters for special occasions

16. Kueh Ho Jiak 

Kueh Delivery - Kueh Platter
Image credit: Kueh Ho Jiak Singapore

If you’ve googled ‘kueh delivery Singapore’, chances are that you’ve been pointed towards Kueh Ho Jiak’s extensive kueh selection. They’ve cemented their place in the kueh business with many years in the trade, as well as caught the attention of numerous local celebrities.

Try their High Tea At Home Kueh Dessert Platter ($34.60) which features an IG-worthy spread of handmade kueh in various shapes and colours. If you’d like something savoury, there’s also the Savoury Platter ($34.50), an array of png kueh, soon kueh, ku chai kueh, and steamed yam cake. Islandwide delivery for their kueh is charged at a flat fee of $10.

Kueh Ho Jiak order form

17. The Ang Ku Kueh Hut

kueh delivery - akk hut
Image credit: @yun.eats

The first time I tried The Ang Ku Kueh Hut, their pistachio and hazelnut ang ku kueh sent me straight to heaven. Those aside, this stall offers bundles that make for great special occasion material. Their Ang Ku Kueh Bundle ($51) comes with 40 pieces of ang ku kueh, in four traditional flavours—yam, green bean, red bean, and peanut. There are also boxes of 10 for smaller celebrations, where you can opt for Pistachio ($20) and Hazelnut ($18) flavours, on top of the usual ones. Here, a minimum order of $12 is required, and delivery fees vary according to distance.

The Ang Ku Kueh Hut order form

18. HarriAnns Nonya Table

Image credit: @yumstothetums

HarriAnns Nonya Table originated from a humble pushcart stall in the ‘40s, and has now grown to become a one-stop brand for anything Peranakan. Their Family Platter ($39) comes chock full of goodies, including ondeh ondeh, kueh dadar, ang ku kueh, and more. There’s also a petite size of this platter that goes for $16.80. The delivery costs $15, though this fee is waived for orders above $150.

HarriAnns Nonya Table order form

Kueh delivery in Singapore

We’ve compiled a list of 18 places with kueh delivery, so you can enjoy these traditional delights in the comfort of your own home.

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Feature image adapted from @kopijoo.
This article was originally written on 8 July 2020.

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