LiHO To Launch A New Sugar-Free Tea Series, Priced From $2.60
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LiHO To Launch A New Sugar-Free Tea Series, Priced From $2.60

15th September 2021

Blooming Brew Tea Series at LiHO

LiHO TEA has constantly pumped out new and innovative drink series, with big and bold flavours such as the Black Truffle Series, Singa-Pandan Series, and many more. This time, the local BBT brand tones things down with their first-ever sugar-, fat-, and calorie-free series—Blooming Brew Tea. Available islandwide from 17 September, this series features four different flower teas for you to choose from.

blooming liho series
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LiHO Singapore

You can be assured that the Blooming Brew Tea Series is free from sugar, as this has been recognised by the Health Promotion Board. If you’re concerned that your drink won’t be sweet, they’ve replaced regular table sugar with Stevia, which is a natural, plant-based sweetener.

If you didn’t know, Stevia is a sugar replacer that’s 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar! It has several health benefits, such as helping to reduce your sugar and calorie intakes, and may help to lower blood pressure. With this sugar replacement, you won’t have to feel guilty about enjoying your bubble tea!

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Like most of the LiHO TEA beverages, the Blooming Brew Tea Series is available in two sizes, with adjustable sugar and ice levels. 

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First on the series is the Orange Peel White Tea ($2.60/$3.60). This drink is made with a base of white tea, and is said to have hints of honey, as well as citrusy notes from the orange peel. 

liho Orange Peel Rose White Tea
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LiHO Singapore

For something more floral, go for the Orange Peel Rose White Tea ($3.20/$4.20). Featuring the same white tea, this drink has the addition of whole rosebuds, perfuming the beverage with floral notes and a hint of sweetness.

Fans of green tea should try the Jiangnan Longjing Tea ($2.60/$3.60). As this tea has no additional flavourings or ingredients, you’ll get to taste the pure flavours of this premium green tea. It’s even said to have weight-loss benefits!

liho Osmanthus Longjing Tea
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LiHO Singapore

Otherwise, try the Osmanthus Longjing Tea ($3.20/$4.20). Here, Longjing tea is infused with osmanthus flowers, which lend the green tea a mild, delicate flavour. This drink is said to have a smoother mouthfeel and a sweeter fragrance, compared to the dry finish of green tea.

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Feature image adapted from @lihosg post.

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