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LiHO TEA Has Cute New Coconut BBT And Fortune-Telling Cup Sleeves

31st May 2023

LiHO TEA has new coconut macchiato bubble tea

Coconut lovers, here’s how you can get the best of both worlds: LiHO TEA has announced an all-new Coconut Macchiato bubble tea, the first of its kind in Singapore.

liho flower bubble teaImage credit: @lihosg

There are two drinks in the series. There’s the Little Yellow Flower, priced at $5.60 for a medium size, and $6.60 for a large size. This pairs LiHO TEA’s Signature Da Hong Pao Oat Latte—a velvety, rich milk tea—with a thick layer of coconut foam topping that’s ultra-creamy, with notes of tropical coconut.

liho red flower teaImage credit: @lihosg

The second drink in the series is the Little Red Flower, priced at $5.60 for a medium size, and $6.60 for a large size as well. Instead of oat milk tea, this beverage comprises a lush dark chocolate milk, topped with the same coconutty foam. If you’re a fan of Bounty bars or the coconut-chocolate combo, this is definitely the drink for you.

liho little yellow flower bubble teaImage credit: @lihosg

In case you’re wondering why these drinks are named as such, you’ll be doubly happy to find out that each drink comes with adorable, photo-worthy flower art, sitting pretty atop the coconut foam layer. Don’t forget to snap a pic as you sip!

The flower design is meant to represent an unconventional, but no less meaningful method of gifting. Instead of buying your loved ones a bouquet, get them a LiHO Flower series drink to show them you care!

When ordering these drinks, you’ll also be able to get your hands on an all-new LiHO TEA innovation: fortune-telling cup sleeves! Fortune cookies can move along, as these drinks come in an exclusive cup sleeve design that includes a surprise message. 

liho fortune cup sleevesImage credit: @lihosg

Aside, if your cup happens to have these characters, “喜至福来”, bring your cup sleeve back to receive a free upsize for any Coconut Macchiato drink!

liho coconut macchiato bubble teaImage credit: @lihosg

If you purchase any two drinks from the series, you’ll also receive a limited-edition sticker pack, available from 7 June 2023 or while stocks last. 

LiHO TEA regulars, pay close attention to this sticker decal, found at only seven LiHO outlets islandwide:

Image credit: @lihosg

These stickers contain a riddle that, if you solve, gets you a free Coconut Macchiato flower drink! All you need to do is:

  1. Snap a pic of the flower and tag @lihosg in an Instagram post
  2. Post the answer of the riddle in the caption with the hashtag #LiHOFlowerRiddle
  3. Tag three friends

Posts with the correct answers will be contacted by a LiHO TEA representative to win a free flower series drink, by the end of July.

Find out more about the new LiHO TEA flower series drinks!

This post was brought to you by LiHO TEA.
Featured image adapted from @lihosg


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